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Monday, April 16, 2012



Of all the things fathers do, the greatest one is to bring people together within their means. Fathers assemble homes. They arrange for it to be stocked with all the things that attract people to it. Fathers make it a place of comfort for people to live in. And make it possible for people to grow up in it.

The father's role is so important that he spends much time away from home working for materials to build it. It is a weary job that fathers do. They walk the world and work for a piece of bread. Fathers get home tired at that end of the day. If they are lucky it is just before people go to bed.  Many fathers succeed in building homes where people live. I don't blame fathers for this, for this is good to do. I wish fathers more success in building the people in the homes that bring people together. This too may be a father's duty.


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