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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Get Your Work Life Balance Right!

Work life Balance is big concern among company employees, but it could just as well apply to anyone in enterprise.  Work life balance is the plan you put in place to achieve your career goals in line with your life goals. Career goals and life goals are not the same thing. Imbalance is when one of them happens without the other. Most people have career goals, but no life goals. If this describes you, you are officially out of balance.
You also need to understand the principles of success in employment. You don’t have to be the head of the company to self-actualize. You can be of low rank and be very satisfied in life. How you define success determines the level of success you will achieve in your work and life. If you define success as “making a lot of money”, that becomes the goal. If you don’t achieve it you won’t be in balance. If you define success as, “serving others”, then it is easy to see that you can succeed in life without making much money.   In other words, your work life balances on what you decide to be success in life or fulfillment on the job.
Finally, one of the biggest causes of imbalance in work and life is the inability to create wealth. Too many people, work too many years, and never create enough wealth to justify all those years on the job. This causes great distress in mid life. The keys to work life balance are in a) setting life and career goals, b) defining what you consider to be success, and c) increasing your net worth with each salary earn and all the income you get.
Allan Bukusi

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