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Friday, April 13, 2012



Early in my business, I had a helper. No, He was not a mentor. Nor was he rich. His help was his belief. He thought I could make it. He knew that one day I would pay and so he stuck with me. He gave me credit and still treated me with respect. He saw something in me. Something he knew. He had been there too. There comes a time in enterprise when all you need is a helper.

He knew I did not have money and he knew I would not earn the money I needed to pay him for a long time to come. All he did was talk to me about business, my struggles and my sorrows. He gave me a lot of stories of where he had come from. And even shared with me his hopes of expanding his business when he got the money. He told me of his struggles with loans, the law and lazy staff. There was no real reason why he should trust me. He simply did not want me to go through the same trouble.

Every successful business knows the story of another business that believed in them. It may be a man a woman or a business. It is the kind of belief that leads to the first big break and helps a business get on its feet. These stories are never written, they are only told. You won't find them in an MBA class, but everyone in business knows that they are true. No business becomes a business without the helping hand of a helping enterprise. It is as if those who have gone before reach back and help up some more. Dear helpers, even though your stories are not told we love you.


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