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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


There are three ways in which you can create wealth. The first is through the use of old-fashioned labor. Laborers apply themselves to a task or a job to create wealth. Your labor, applied to a task, creates wealth for you and your employer. Labor is needed in the, farms, firms and factories. In fact, it may be impossible to create anything without labor. Labor uses two basic human qualities, mind and muscle. Why should you labor to create wealth? Apart from the fact that creating wealth fulfils a basic human need, all labor is rewarded. Every time you create wealth, you earn a reward.
The second way to create wealth is to create value. Value is what people want or need. This is what entrepreneurs, inventors and builders do for a living. These people create a process that creates value for others. They attract and use labour to multiply wealth. People who create value are rewarded by keeping part of the proceeds from the wealth they create for themselves. They are therefore able to become rich. Most people are satisfied with providing labor. However, there is no reason why you should not develop yourself to the point where you are able to create value for others, and become rich. After all, it is more rewarding.
The third way to create wealth is to make other people rich. Enriching other people's lives takes service and sacrifice. Mother Teresa may not have become rich herself, but her service enriched many more lives than are accounted for in poverty statistics. The sacrifice Nelson Mandela made in 27 years in prison for the love of his country has enriched the lives of millions of people around the world. Very few people attain this level of wealth creation. Those who chose the third way are not paid on earth, maybe in heaven. Very few of us think of creating wealth for which we will never be paid. Very few people think of giving of themselves to make other people rich for free. Yet those who create wealth never lose their reward. Making other people rich makes all of us wealthy.
Some people think the first way is the only way to create wealth. Though some believe that the second way is ideal, many think that the third way is not for real. We think that the third way must be done on a huge scale. The truth is that all of us can do all three quite easily.
Allan Bukusi

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