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Monday, April 16, 2012

Thinking leadership in Africa, book summary

By Allan Bukusi
ü  ISBN 9966-809-04-X
ü  US Library of Congress No.  2005328144
ü  First published in 2005
This book traces the triumphant, treacherous and turbulent tale of leadership in Africa through centuries past to the present day. Africa, in 2005, is the only continent to have become poorer in the last forty years.  The call for a decisive leadership development strategy for a prosperous tomorrow emerges as an urgent reality and pressing concern. Perceptive leadership will prepare Africa to face tomorrows challenges. The vision of this book has a sell-by date. A puzzling new set of global realities await leadership in 2055. Will leadership in Africa be ready?
This book has been studied, critiqued, cited and referenced and commented on by University lecturers and (Masters) students studying leadership, communications, social and business development of Africa.

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