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Thursday, April 12, 2012



What you produce, what I produce and what we produce is a leadership question.  This question is more important than what is your mission in life. The answer to this question defines the impact you have on things and others. If you decide the answer to this question early in life, in your career, and in your business, you can create the success you seek.

In life, identify your gifting and talent that equips you to create value. These two may not be obvious. You may need to grow your abilities and interests to produce such value as will realize your full potential.  In other words, what you produce should create the special value you can bring to every situation your are in. Grow yourself to create the value you want to produce.

In your career, you decide what you produce if you want to get hired. And lest you get fired for not producing anything of value. What you produce will show others whether you are valuable to the business, and help you decide whether you are in a career worth your while.

What we produce in business is a twofold item. It is based on the business mission and the people in the business. If a business clarifies what it will produce, it will develop great focus in its use of funds. And become very effective and efficient at producing value. The business will also grow its people to deliver precise results as key players of the business team.

Allan Bukusi

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