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Monday, April 30, 2012



Leaders are hard to find. But there are two places you will find them. In a group and alone. When in a group, they will be serving, teaching and standing for one thing. The rest of the group will be speaking, sitting or complaining about anything.

When alone, leaders will be thinking, reading or solving something. They will be planning, praying and looking into the future. Others will rejoice in having no work, loss of options and living for the day. For them, the past was okay, and the future has not yet come. There is nothing to worry about. Sometimes there is a little confusion about the work leaders do. But when you look at them in a group and what they achieve on their own, it soon becomes clear to you who you would rather have lead you.

Leaders have the ability to take on duty as part of life. They think we, rather than me. They think goal rather than role. That gives them authority among those they lead. And makes them precious members of a team. You can spot them easily if you know what to look for. Leader are hard to find but at least you can identify them when you do.



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