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Monday, April 16, 2012



One of the strangest things about leadership is that leaders are blamed when things go wrong and praised when things go right. Yet when you study the two results, you find that the leader may have done the same thing in both cases.  This makes leading is no more than a duty that you pray will turn out right.

The difference in outcome is hardly as much due to the skill of the leader as it is to the will of the people. When people obey, they benefit from the outcome. When they do not act, failure follows. A teacher may urge students to study for exams, point out the date of the exam as well as train them on how to pass the exam. However, if students fail the exam, the teacher is called into question. It does not matter that the teacher does not sit the exam. When the students do well they praise the teacher.

As a leader, take blame as part of the game. It may not be due to neglect of duty. At the same time do not seek or take pride in the praise of the people. That depends more on how they feel about themselves than how they feel about you. When they feel good about themselves they will praise you. When they feel bad about themselves they will blame you. Do your duty and leave the outcome to God.


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