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Monday, April 9, 2012


Most people believe that enterprise is a special skill reserved for a few people. It is true that some people are gifted in enterprise, much as there are gifted runners. But this does not disqualify everyone else from enterprise, or "running".  Enterprise is an ability that pays handsome rewards if developed. Enterprise is like integrity.  If a person has integrity, it will show up in all aspects of their life. It will show up at work and at home, when with people or when alone. The same is true with enterprise. If you develop enterprise, it will show up in all areas of your life including how you handle income.
Enterprise is the ability to create wealth. It is the ability to create value that you and others want and need. That wealth may be money or good manners; it may be security or an industry. Enterprise is what mothers do when bringing up a family. It is what teachers do when teaching children. It is what business people do when looking for opportunity. And what farmers do when they plant seeds.
Enterprise is three things. First is the desire to create (creativity). This desire is in all of us. Some people's desire to create is weak in some areas and strong in others. Enterprise needs you channel that desire to something worthwhile. The second is faith. We all have a degree of faith or hope for the future. Entrepreneurs have a "greater" or more developed level of faith than the average person. They believe they will achieve their goals. They believe enough to do something about what they believe. Faith leads naturally to the third element of enterprise, which is work. Work may seem as mundane, but every successful entrepreneur tells the story of how "hard" they had to work and the sacrifices they made in order to achieve their goals. We all work, but do we willingly to work hard and long enough to achieve our goals. Develop these natural abilities and focus them on a goal that is important to you and you will succeed far beyond average. I am not sure a school can teach you enterprise. It is something you must develop on your own.  Interestingly, those who do not develop enterprise will work for those who do.
Allan Bukusi

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