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Wednesday, May 16, 2012



There are situations that you get into and wish that you could get out of. They are not pleasant occasions while they last, and they can stop you from doing many things. The worst thing about these situations is that they put you under pressure. They make you anxious and worry about things you think you must do something about. When you make yourself angry and snap at everyone who is about. And when you feel right to pout, moan and mope about, because there seems to be no way out - it's time to work it out.

You may think you are not to blame for bringing the situation about, but in leadership that doesn't count. You may complain, but that brings no gain. You may feel pain and that's the truth, but anything you do apart from working it out is just drawing things out. The sooner you work it out, the sooner the leader in you will come out.

Leadership challenges present you with an opportunity to do something. That something will move the situation towards resolution. If there is work to be done, the only way to get it done is to start it.  If there is a problem analyze it and find out what can be done. If you want something, work towards it. There are some things in life you can do nothing about, but those you can reveal the leader in you. The secret is to know that you can and then begin step by step to work it out.



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