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Friday, May 18, 2012



I had a challenge with classmates who would not do their homework. They believed they were working for the teacher. It pained me when I realized that most students work for their parents and not themselves. I now work in a school the struggle continues.

Then I looked up at the teachers and I realize that the teaching spirit is really where it starts.  But then teachers are not where teaching starts. I look at the parents and how they call life a struggle. They pass on the message until the child knows the drill. I wonder if we can change the game. In every office it is the same. This problem is bigger than just a name. The sin of complacency, as Kotter says, is everywhere. People won't change. There is not enough excitement about life anywhere.

Excited people don't play this game. They tame the tiger and build a life. They are not cowed or snowed under or swamped by the challenge and change of life. They would rather live a life and die trying than live dead. They don't just let life unfold or complain about what they are told. They don't just wait to finish class, finish school, finish work, live for the weekend and go home to die.  

Excitement is not smiling or laughing wildly. It is working joyfully with the God given power to create new things, and work on ideas and build new life. It is working with the spirit that things will change and that change starts with me. It is the beginning of life and living. I think the main reason why life does not change much is that we have robbed it of excitement. It's the only way to build a life. Please get excited about building your life.


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