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Thursday, June 7, 2012


It is safe to assume that any changes you make will not be welcomed, at first. If they are welcomed, they will be criticized next. Whatever change you bring up must, of needs be, go through these two stages. Though many people worry about these two stages, they are needed to validate the change you want to bring. Feedback from the resistance they will cause will give you fresh insight into what you are trying to achieve or do. Criticism will clearly identify the effect of your initiative and help you refine your effort. A welcome simply means you have made a good start not that they are accepted.
So, develop your change initiative with a clear focus, plan its benefits and impact. And know that it will have effects you may not be aware of. Then plan as carefully for its roll out as you would for the idea itself. Thomas Edison planned for his ideas, but developed the business market for them as well. When the products rolled out, they sold out. Many positive changes fail and sit on the shelf because they are not effectively “sold” to the market. Get ready to hit the road knowing you will face welcome or criticism and know that you must pass through both to make the change you want stick. If your change is welcomed easily and quickly and never criticized or challenged it may be that nothing has changed at all.

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