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Sunday, July 1, 2012



At the start, everyone is in different positions. Some look like they are far ahead. That is how most companies look like when they enter a market. They are racing or the customers and some seem to have an advantage. It is only when the runners take the third bend that you see positions changing. That is when you see who has really been working. When they take the fourth bend, is when the race really begins. Everything before this was marketing gimmicks. When the sales begin to pick up the front-runners begin to move ahead. That's when the market starts cheering. They know a good product when they see one. It is way ahead of the pack. By the time the leader takes command, it's hard to believe that he was there from the beginning. They have all been running on the same track but the tape only appears for the one who finishes first. The rest have to cross the line. Leadership at 1500 meters is not about the beginning, middle or the end. It's about winning!


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