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Thursday, July 5, 2012



We live in an age where people want instant decisions. Instant strategy. Instant solutions. There is wisdom in reflection and taking time to calculate your next move. The marathon starts with a sprint and jostling for positions. It looks like the one who is in front is going to win the race. Not many leaders know that at this point in the game there are pace setters and those who are posing for the actions shots on camera.  The fans are with you at the start. The next time you will see them is at the finish line - if you finish first. There comes a point in the race when the people are spread out and those who need to have dropped out. At this point, there are no fans, no press, and no water. Just you, other runners and race officials.  That is when strategy counts. At that decisive moment, your strategic instincts kick in. In the early stages, you were simply keeping up, studying the field and discussing options with yourself. The master strikes when everyone is comfortable and the race seems set. Suddenly you will see him inching ahead as if powered by a secret dynamo. It's no secret. Its strategy. Life is a marathon; don't burn yourself out too early or leave the race too late. Knowing when to make the move makes all the difference.


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