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Wednesday, July 11, 2012



Yesterday I met a lady who grew up in a slum. She explained to us how she would be called to the front of the school every time a teacher needed to explain to a class what jiggers were. I know that many people reading this article do not know what jiggers are and will be horrified when they find out.  However, those jiggers "kept" her in school. Today she is a university lecturer. When she goes back home, to the slum, she lets the people know that it can be done. She lets them know that children in her hometown, or should I say slumtown, can have a life without jiggers. She came with a parent who, for the first time, set foot on the hallowed ground of a university compound. I could see in his eyes that a dream had been born and a new flame burned in his heart. She came with two children from the slum to show them it can be done. They too now know that the future is more than what you see everyday. One day you will meet this doctor, maybe not in person, but you will meet her when you realize that what seems impossible to you now, CAN be done!



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