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Wednesday, August 8, 2012



The purpose of business is not profit but to create wealth. The purpose of business is not to beat competition, but to create value. The purpose of any organization is to edify both you and me. Any business that does not do this robs both you and me. The only reason you can boast in business is that you have made this world a better place by creating value for all. Do not celebrate huge profits you take from your customers without creating value. Neither should customers consume value without creating wealth for the business; for nature, as surely as there is gravity, will right the balance. You cannot reap and keep what you have not sown. Celebrate the value you have created for all and you will have no fear of natures wrath. Robbing the poor and giving to the rich is no virtue. Nor is giving to the poor and robbing the rich anything but theft. By creating value that benefits all, you create wealth for us all. Get rid of the myth that wealth is limited and that you must compete for it or that to get rich you must beat someone else, or that in this world you must be either rich or poor. Wealth is created value. Create value and make us all rich.


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