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Friday, September 7, 2012


Yesterday I spoke to a CEO who makes a clear distinction between a career and a calling, and between a job and work. One of the reasons for his company's huge success it that staff identify with higher values and a deeper ethos than required for mere employment. Indeed "values" is much more than "religion". Religion only interprets values, but values are displayed in characteristic behavior.

If you are having challenges in your work perhaps you need to examine whether you simply have a job or whether you have a calling to work. If yours is just a job, this CEO advises that you return the work tools and leave peacefully before you are called to account for your attitude and (poor) performance.

In other words, a job is never about, "me and what I can get out of it" but rather it is about, "others and what I can do for them". The moment your feelings change from the latter to the former you have regressed from a calling into a career. A career is short term a calling is forever.



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