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Monday, December 31, 2012

Where is your house?

A house defines an institution. An office defines an organization. A house also provides a home and inheritance for many generations to come. It provides for identity, safety and comfort to those who own it. A house does not have to be stately or small. But it does have to be built by your own hand. A house is unlikely to lose its status as a mark of human life and achievement for a thousand years to come.

Allan Bukusi



Capturing wealth leaves everyone poor .Creating wealth leaves everyone rich. Competing for wealth leaves everyone dead.

Allan Bukusi


The Lobster strategy is a very attractive option. You can observe the strategy in action when the fisherman uses an open pan to collect the fish on the shore. Once two are gathered, the rest are forced to stay.  Once on the pan, the struggle is no longer for the fisherman, the struggle is for the lobster. He will carry all the fish to the cooking pot with no fear of losing even one, on an open pan.

This strategy is observed in many non-developing groups. Everything is forced to stay where it is and as is, in spite of the danger in doing so. Some countries, cultures as well as firms and families use this strategy to re-assert and preserve their independence, identity and dignity. They pull everyone down to the same level.

 Allan Bukusi

The Social Veto

The idea is great. Someone has to give up control for others to benefit. Idea suggests that we share power. Then comes the social veto.

Allan Bukusi

All Change is Violent

All change is violent. It involves breaking things like habit, tradition and culture. It means making a break with the past and with things, you are comfortable with. It may also mean breaking rules to come up with a new order.

Allan Bukusi


Those who look down on opportunity and those who try and want their egos fed with no effort on their part. For them nothing works of or ever will. And if it does, it is someone else's job.

Allan Bukusi



Fukuyama gives a compressed historical account of the development of politics from the primate to just short of the industrial revolution in this foundational book. He covers the continents with masterful ease selecting his examples and in-depth analysis of events and circumstances with surprising revelations of recurrences of present day challenges. He covers the continents but does not cover Africa or Australia to the same degree as he covers the rest of the world.

However, his summation of the development of democracy is succinct in his definition of it as a European export that has come to dominate world affairs. His dealing with the development of the state, the rule of law and institutions detail significant lessons for those in government and institutional leadership. Interestingly this work does not talk about first, second or third world but treats the subject as "one world", drawing lessons from every possible context, civilization and epoch in history, giving credit to where modern concepts were first documented or unearthed.

This is a great work in political literacy. The foundations and the central role power (sharing), control of resources, social development, empowerment, religion, capitalism, justice and equity, political ideology and geography as well as the fundamental structure of political organization in a country is essential knowledge for developing solutions to national and international challenges today. With a soft spot for Africa, I am glad to note that the continent does not have to go through all this (history) to achieve global status. Moreover, that there is no one-way of creating successful governments as has been shown by the history of the world.

Congratulations Francis Fukuyama and thank you for your contribution to world success.

Allan Bukusi


Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Past & Your Future

The past illuminates the future; even if it shows you where you do not want to go.

Allan Bukusi

Everyone has a Hero in their lineage

Everyone has a hero in their lineage.

Allan Bukusi

How do you fit in

Find out how it all began and make sure you know how it will end. Then work out how you fit in.

Allan Bukusi

How Not to Start a Country

If you can manage tax, you can manage a country. If you cannot manage tax, don't start a country.

Allan Bukusi

A Governance Crisis

A governance crisis occurs when a ruler is unable to mobilize, manage or muster means to deliver public services.

Allan Bukusi

People need Heroes

Because people need heroes, kings and a savior, there will always be leaders and the led.

Allan Bukusi

Organizations, Leaders and People

An organization is made up of the institution, its leaders and the people. It is an error to think that they always act as one. They all exist for very different reasons.

Allan Bukusi

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Governace Crisis Occurs when...

A governance crisis occurs when a ruler is unable to mobilize, manage or muster means to deliver public services.

Allan Bukusi

Family Strategy; The Art of Planning A Future for you Family

Family strategy is the art of planning a future for your family. Without it, a family really has no hope. With it, your family has a chance to prosper. Without it, they must live with regret and take anything they can get.

Allan Bukusi

If it is not written

If it is not written; it never happened.

Allan Bukusi

Goals Make You

Goals bring out more than you know is in you. Under setting goals is self-demeaning. Oversetting goals, though extravagant, is in the right direction. Goals make you. Without them, we will never know you.

Allan Bukusi

The Small Picture does not make the Big Picture

The small picture does not make the big picture. The big picture makes the small picture.

Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



As we close 2012, it is time to bid farewell to one of our greatest sons. After leading the nation through some of the most trying times in her history, Mwai Kibaki steps down next year as the third person to hold the office of the President of the Republic of Kenya. The man from Othaya stepped into huge shoes, and has left them even bigger. The expectation of Kenyans has been raised from single lane traffic jams to free-flowing six-lane dual carriage super highways.

A nation's history is in the hands of God and lived by its people. However, to lead a million people, each with a free will, is not an easy task. Doubtless, Mr. President, you have had your trials, faced pain and not a few failures. Maybe there are things you wish you had done different. But no man is perfect and leadership is often a thankless job. However, 50 years of service is worth a long applause, a standing ovation and not a little celebration. As young people look for role models like Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln to guide them into the future, Kenyans now have three of their own from whom to choose. They all left the next generation the gift of one nation.

By building on the groundwork of those who came before you, you have laid foundations that will influence the nation for many years to come. Mr. President, in your time, free education sent Murage to the United Nations at eighty years of age, symbolically opening doors to millions of next generation Kenyans, of all ages, to prosperity bordered only by the power of the mind. Your courage and resolve enabled a new constitution that will change the face of justice, right and representation in the days ahead.  By creating a legal framework for politics, the road ahead is closed to despots and dictators and firmly places power in the hands of the people. Performance contracts, in public service, have brought new levels of accountability. The military has once again done us proud in guarding our land. Thika Road has become a symbol of a dream that by 2030 can be a reality all around the nation. This has not been the work of one man, but the team that you have led as one nation under God.

Those who follow you in office have no small task to match this advance, yet we have one more request to ask of you.  When you go, join the Great Ones and preach peace from Othaya, through Kenya to all of Africa. God will give you strength.  Fare well then, Mr. President, and fare thee well. Your challenge to us as a people has not been in your speech; your deeds speak for themselves. As a nation, we must now go on to new territory. But God is with us. Fare well Great Son. Fare well Mr. President and fare thee well.

God Bless Kenya.

Allan Bukusi

December 2012

When you get White Hair

When you get white hair, it is time to tell others what else you know.

Allan Bukusi

Monday, December 24, 2012

Understand the Times

Understand the times and you will know the future. Understand the future and you will know the times. That past gives keys to both of these. The past was once the future.

Allan Bukusi


The art of ruling people with a free will.

Allan Bukusi


Pioneers must build institutions for their benefits to pass on to the third generation. The second generation does not value the value of creation.

Allan Bukusi


To protect the right of one, and ensure justice to all.

Allan Bukusi

To Make a Nation

To make a nation is the ability to create and sustain a dream.

Allan Bukusi


Statecraft, like management, is an art with its own rules that are independent of the ruler and the ruled.

Allan Bukusi

A Leader must have a Political Education

A leader must have a political education. If he finds himself in office without one, he must quickly get one.

Allan Bukusi

Religion & Economics

Religion is inspiring. Economics is motivating.

Allan Bukusi

Saturday, December 22, 2012


A historical account of how to balance political passions and positions. It is also a story of great courage and determination on the part of a leader. With hindsight, one can see the greatness of Abraham Lincoln, which may not have been noticed during his life. After his death, his leadership skills become obvious.

What would have happened if the north-south conflict had turned south and not north? What would have been the judgment of history, and would there be a United States of America? But this is also a story of other great men and women who never obtained top office, but for the love of country, ensured that the nation held together. There are many unsung heroes in this story like the buffalo soldier and the Native American who gave up ground for the extension of the nation.

Leadership supersedes harmony in a team. Leadership looks ahead of teamwork for objectives to align loyalties and engage passions. Leadership has the humility to give those who are vain time to blow out their steam. Leadership is perhaps never more complex than when a house is divided, but it can be done.  

Allans Leadership laboratory


To see a book is a pile of pages. To buy a book is to invest. To read a book is to build an asset. To use a book is create wealth.

Allan Bukusi


Friday, December 21, 2012


It is not wise to boast about finishing school.

Allan Bukusi

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Many people believe that is not possible to start a business without financial capital. The reason this appears to be true is that almost everyone believes that capital is only available from the bank. Whereas this makes banks very rich. And ensures that everyone who wants to start a business comes out of the  bank with a loan, this approach also ensures that your business starts with you in debt, and your business on a mortgage.  A mortgage means you do not own the business until you have paid every dollar owed. So rather than starting your own business, you have started a business for the bank. This may not be the best way to start your own business. However to start a business without capital, you need to understand some basics about business.
The first basic is business. A business is an organization of materials, resources and manpower to create value or if you like wealth. Many people think that a business is a fixed feature like a shop, garage or taxi. You hear people talk about somebody being in the "taxi business" or "clothes business". Business is the organizational ability a person has to create value that can be sold. A painter for example, uses a canvas and a crayons to produce a valuable picture that someone else wants or needs and will pay for. By applying his skill to the canvas, he is able to create wealth for himself. Before you think about starting a business, be very clear about what you can do to create value that can be sold. A business is the ability you have to create wealth. Usually, it is unique to you. You have no business being in business you cannot do.   
The second basic is capital. You will notice that the first paragraph talks about financial capital. It may surprise you that there are MANY other forms of capital. Financial capital is NOT the most important. The word 'capital" means "resources". To start a successful business you must investigate ALL the resources (capital) available to you before you start. You may find that you already have all the resources you need. Resources include; knowledge, skill, time, health, money, phone, laptop, paper, bed, ideas, the list is simply endless! It is your ability to organize and arrange these resources to create value that people need that enables you to do business. Many people leave the crayon, canvass and time at home and go to the bank to get a loan to buy crayons, canvas and time to create a picture with money they did not NEED to borrow.
The third basic is enterprise. Many people believe enterprise is some gift or natural ability that cannot be learned. This is not true. Enterprise is the ability to create value and exchange it for wealth (or money to buy wealth). There is no way you can be employed in an enterprise if you cannot practice enterprise. Surprise, surprise, every employee is an enterprise that makes more money (wealth) for the enterprise.  You already know the three principles of enterprise. They are focused work, productivity and patience. If you do not know what you are doing in business you cannot do business, the painter must paint pictures. If he does not paint sellable pictures, he is not in business. The painter needs patience to paint, produce and get paid for his enterprise.
Finally, money is not wealth. The paper (money) gives you the power to buy the assets and property you want or need. These things have value. That is why it is possible to start a business without financial capital, but impossible to start a business without resources.
Allan Bukusi


The fear of God, the attitude of service, and the superior skill will separate the leader from a million men.



All men are born free

All men are born free; only some men's minds are in prison.


Everything is available in abundance

Everything is available in abundance. Only economics is limited.


Wealth creation makes more sense than wealth distribution

Wealth creation makes more sense than wealth distribution.


Wealth is not a right

Wealth is not the right of the rich or the bane of the poor. It takes a mind to do so.



The pen has more power than the gun. The book more might than the sword. Where the gun can kill one, the pen can give life to a million. Where the sword will end a life, a book can train generations.


The Empowered Employee

The next phase of Africa's advance will not come from politics, the military or even the government. It will come from the empowered employee who will create wealth and vote to protect it.

Who is the empowered employee? The one who knows that income is capital. The impoverished employee consumes it all. The empowered employee knows that work produces capital and enterprise is the key to wealth. He knows that empowerment begins with the mind and not with money.

Employees handle, manage and produce 95% of the wealth that feeds the population. Yet all that wealth is owned by less than 5% of the population. The problem is NOT the 5%. The opportunity lies in the ability to multiply the 95%.



Passion is a demonstration of energy. It is a not a feeling, or reeling without control. It is strength directed in service, or some specific area with a stated output, product or benefit.



Miserable Workman

I had heard it said before. But now I know it is true. People who complain about what they do are never going to do a good job of whatever they do.



A Great Waste

A mother always ate all the bread and threw away the dishes when she had fed. Here son never made his bed and burned all the books he had read.He also borrowed pens he never used and never gave back. In the end, they never quite understood why they never got rich. Even though they had done all the things they should like, work hard and go to school.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Do not throw away the cooking pot, every time you use it.



Advance, as is growth, is a principle and process of life. To live another day without a move forward, is to deny the world of freshness. And plant the seed of decay.


The Difference

All animals are like every other. No human is like any other.


Touched By God

Touched by God

You may have heard the song or seen the movie. Here is the version I told my daughter this morning…. Some time ago, some nobody looking person, walked into an auctioneer's lot and offered an old violin for sale.  He took the 2 dollars and walked quietly away. Later that day, the auctioneer offered up the violin for 20 dollars, to the uncertain crowd. Nobody answered. "10 dollars" he shouted. No response... "5 dollars", last call…

From behind the crowd, there was movement as the people made way for an old man to come forward. No, he did not want to buy the violin. But, after tuning the old box, he did play a Vivaldi masterpiece. When he gave the violin back, there was total silence in the crowd. Suddenly the auctioneer's voice called out with a starting price of 2,000 dollars and finally sold the "old box" for 200,000 dollars. When the people asked, "what made the price change", he said – "it was the touch of the master's hand".

Most people go through life using less than 1% of their being. People think that since that is all they have seen of you, that is all there is to you. You may be old and worn out. That only makes many more people dismiss you.  What you need is a touch of the master's hand.  The Greek word "charisma" means –"touched by God". When God touches you, you will be all you can be!   



Get Better Every Day

If you do not get better every day, who will?


Saturday, December 15, 2012


Call no man a fool. Every man is intelligent. Certainly more than you think.



When you find yourself struggling in a matter, you may need more effort, but you may also need more skill. Despite the desire and will you have to solve the issue, it may be best that you accept your incompetence and seek help. Incompetence will not kill you if you don't let it crush you. Incompetence may show you and others a weakness, but it is also a chance for your to reveal your strength.





In all creation, man is the only one able to transform himself. He can be what he wants to be and become what he plans to be. Man also is the only one capable of rebellion. All other beings in creation can be little more than what they are born. Man is born to become.



Thursday, December 13, 2012

The World is in Perfect Balance

The world is in perfect balance. You cannot demand without giving. You cannot reap without planting. There is always a return ... sometimes it is pressed down shaken together and running over... be careful whenever you tip the balance.




The Boy Who Lost His Pencil

The boy did not really lose his pencil, but he made it appear as if he had. He was afraid of the exam and needed something he could blame. When he walked into the exam room, he had nothing to write with. When asked why he came without it, he said his mother was sharpening it and had not given it to him in the morning to sit the exam. Life is like that. Sometimes we just come to sit and do nothing in particular. Everyone else is surprised by the results, but we know exactly what happened.


The Mantle of Leadership

The mantle of leadership weighs heavily in the heart of a man before it rests upon his shoulder. Not every man can bear it. The mantle has crushed many. To bear the hopes and dreams of others is divine. That men are born with free will makes none willing or able to lead. None can boast of success apart from the gift of courage and the grace of sacrifice. To carry men where they want to go, or where they do not know is an awesome task. It is not clever; it is beyond the wisdom of men. Leadership is not of man otherwise all his problems would have been solved years ago. Leadership is stepped down from heaven to give man but a chance to survive.


Buy Two Tickets Before you Die.

Buy two tickets before you die. If you do not travel, you must read. Your journey through the mind of God and the experience of men will refine you and make you the finest there is.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Strategy & Success


Strategy and success are not strange bed fellows.



Politicians are pragmatic people. They face reality. Only we need to show them what that reality is.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Community & Ethnicity


The difference between community and ethnicity is like oil and water. They are both liquids, but form layers in a glass. Ethnicity forms the base while community covers all. Ethnicity is determined by birth, community is decided in life. Ethnicity sets people apart. Community brings people together.

The principles of community are universal. They are; association, unity and peace. These breed; love, acceptance, trust, security and enterprise. The tenets of ethnicity are local and the basis of apartheid. The positive aspects of ethnicity are found in prosperous community. However, its negative elements are the reason for many social ills.

Community and ethnicity are agents of society. The people choose which one will govern them. Community is about humanity and dignity. Ethnicity is about individual identity. Community is a higher social form that calls for greater grace, maturity and accountability to perform.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reframing The Ethnic Debate in the Context of the 2013 General Elections

God gave Kenya more than 42 communities to make a nation in 1963. The anxiety surrounding the ethnic debate stems from the unprecedented suffering of the people during the 2008 post-election violence following the disputed outcome of the 2007 general election. Local and international investigations have revealed that the violence had roots in negative ethnicity. The violence suspended vibrant national enterprise for more than three months, destroyed property and investment worth billions of dollars, displaced thousands of families and left hundreds of people dead.
Though these facts cannot be erased from history, the suggestion that ethnicity must dictate, the outcome of the 2013 general election is unfortunate, misplaced and unrealistic given that the people have proved their political maturity to peacefully decide their common destiny during the recent successful national referendum.
In 2010, all the more than 42 ethnic communities participated in the free ballot without violence, intimidation or undue pressure and adopted a new constitution to guide the future of the nation. It is therefore a gross error to assume, suggest or believe that the 2013 election must be decided by ethnic balancing rather than consensus and agreement.
The 2013 election will involve at least five or six major political players, some of whom will try to build ethnic blocs to fight for power. However, global leadership does not support negative ethnicity and requires that the interests of minorities be guaranteed. Reframing the ethnic debate in the context of the 2013 general election, calls for wisdom, clarity and understanding of the new realities on the ground. For example, whoever garners 35% of the vote in a two-way referendum will lose the poll. Nevertheless, whoever is able to marshal 35% of the vote in a general election amongst five or six players will be the Kingmaker! An election is not a destination; it is a point of reflection in the life of a nation.
The question at the heart of the 2013 general election is not ethnicity; rather it is the continuity of the nation. The election will decide between continued prosperity and the rule of law versus political uncertainty and economic stagnation. During the 2013 election, the people will decide the next step in the future of the nation and choose leaders based on their grasp and understanding of the importance of the twin issues of good government supported by sensible politics.
Over the last two decades, the government has made remarkable progress in democracy, infrastructure and made great strides towards the United Nations millennium development goals in free primary education, gender equality, combating HIV/AIDS and ensuring environmental sustainability. History will credit this government with birthing a new constitution, and placing the nation firmly on the path to realize vision 2030. The outcome of the 2013 general election must not compromise these advances, and voters will surely reject anyone with intent to reverse these precious gains. The vote must move the nation forward, and not undermine the collective will of the people to prosper.
Politics is more complex than government. But, this does not make the political question impossible. We need politicians, because we need law. We need right and just laws that will safeguard our freedom, human rights, economic progress, eliminate poverty and protect the wealth of all the more than 42 communities that form the nation against looters. No one with a record of negative ethnicity and short-term vision can lead this great nation to a global future.
As we look forward, beyond 50 years of nationhood, we must reject the prospect of celebrating our first Jubilee as a divided people and encourage everyone to positively engage in the process of nation building. We must be thankful that all our more than 42 communities are one nation united under God. Moreover, we must do our duty as citizens and deliver to our grandchildren a nation they can be proud of. Besides, we must show the world that Kenya is indeed, and has always been, a responsible member of the global community of nations.
God Bless Kenya.
©Allan Bukusi, November 2012

NEW!!!, At Last, an Eonomic Solution to Negative Ethnicity in Kenya!


Whenever we are faced with the duty to elect public officials, we easily fall into the trap of popularity, identity and self-interest. Popularity is not a skill and promises us nothing of what a person will do in office. Identity may be attractive because the person is like us in many ways. However, this alone does not qualify them for the technical requirements of office. Self-interest really does not qualify one for the spirit of public leadership; whether it is the candidates or voters self-interest.
We suggest three measures that give the public greater value by appealing to principles of universal benefit. These measures help you identify an ideal or best candidate. These are Godliness, Service and Skill. Godliness, derived from the word “good” demands that the person be of good intent towards all others. A service attitude is a critical component of public office. It is not obtained by office rather it is observed in ones attitude to their work. A servant attitude strives for others in private and not for self in public. Skill will be desperately needed in office. Again, it is not obtained with office; it can be judged from the candidates work résumé, employment or enterprise history.
Vote for officials who fear God (there is no greater measure of accountability), have an attitude of service (there is no greater guarantee of public benefit), and a person of proven ability (there is no greater measure of performance).   



Friday, December 7, 2012

1000 MILES

I gave the substance of this speech when opening a workshop on January 24 2009. After you have covered 1000 miles, it's no fun going through the next 1000 miles without vision, direction or hope...

… We pray that many old paradigms that prevent the development of Africa will be examined and laid to rest and new paradigms be built to ensure Africa's future prosperity… our paths have converged for a purpose and your journey here has not been in vain… I am forty years old, there comes a time of reflection. The past was not bad, but it is the future we must think about…

…Paul is one of the most persistent people I know. If you know about teamwork, you must have him on your team. We drove down to the coast and back. For one 1000 miles we talked about life and the way forward for us, our families, the church, the roads and the country – and of course the politicians. Yes, we argued over spiritual things and were almost arrested because we were too engrossed in our talking to notice the speed sign. This workshop allows us to close the deal on the way forward… We are here to discover and remake ourselves for the years ahead, and maybe become president…

…Mahinda provided a starting pad for our business 15 years ago, Mucharie launched my career as a trainer, Sarah is an elder and spiritual pillar. The Kiaries provide a picture of courage. Moses is for fellowship and brothering. My wife knows my strengths and weakness… Yet we are all witnesses to our future, by our testimony today… we are all faced with the challenges of this generation. In this room are solutions that will save nations. As you reflect on the second half, I will remind you that God is not limited by halves. As I coach, I know that games are won or lost in the second half. Neither does in matter how old you are. As you work to discover how prepared you are for the second session may God give you the insight and equipment you need to do all that you need to do for the 1000 mile journey…

Thus continued my leadership journey... perhaps it's time you began yours...




Babies are born will all the faculties intact – nobody tells them to grow and develop. However, if they don't, you know they are ill. A butterfly is not born a butterfly. It emerges from a cocoon. Yet even that does not tell you of its origin. A student enrolls for class at the beginning of the year, knowing a little more than nothing. By the end of the year, the student is able to defend or dismiss the principles of the subject.  To believe that this happens by exposure is to assume that sunbathers, with time, will become experts in sun geometry. No, the power to change you is within you. You have it in you to change your circumstances. You have in you the power to transform yourself.



The difference between success and failure is character.



The foundations of leadership are discipline, character and responsibility. Add these to the fear of God and sense of purpose and you have the makings of a great leader.



The problem with clever people it that they think they are clever. The problem with average people is that they think they are average.




The object of politics is to occupy the people's mind enabling them to be ruled.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Church & State

The church does not understand politics as much as politicians do not understand spiritual things. In as far as this is not understood, there will always be tension in government.



Employers never pay for what employees know. Employees are paid for what they do.




If you believe a lie, you must live with the fact.


Why you should THINK !


Nobody will fear you if you cannot think. Everybody will respect you if you think, act and fend for yourself.