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Wednesday, December 26, 2012



As we close 2012, it is time to bid farewell to one of our greatest sons. After leading the nation through some of the most trying times in her history, Mwai Kibaki steps down next year as the third person to hold the office of the President of the Republic of Kenya. The man from Othaya stepped into huge shoes, and has left them even bigger. The expectation of Kenyans has been raised from single lane traffic jams to free-flowing six-lane dual carriage super highways.

A nation's history is in the hands of God and lived by its people. However, to lead a million people, each with a free will, is not an easy task. Doubtless, Mr. President, you have had your trials, faced pain and not a few failures. Maybe there are things you wish you had done different. But no man is perfect and leadership is often a thankless job. However, 50 years of service is worth a long applause, a standing ovation and not a little celebration. As young people look for role models like Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln to guide them into the future, Kenyans now have three of their own from whom to choose. They all left the next generation the gift of one nation.

By building on the groundwork of those who came before you, you have laid foundations that will influence the nation for many years to come. Mr. President, in your time, free education sent Murage to the United Nations at eighty years of age, symbolically opening doors to millions of next generation Kenyans, of all ages, to prosperity bordered only by the power of the mind. Your courage and resolve enabled a new constitution that will change the face of justice, right and representation in the days ahead.  By creating a legal framework for politics, the road ahead is closed to despots and dictators and firmly places power in the hands of the people. Performance contracts, in public service, have brought new levels of accountability. The military has once again done us proud in guarding our land. Thika Road has become a symbol of a dream that by 2030 can be a reality all around the nation. This has not been the work of one man, but the team that you have led as one nation under God.

Those who follow you in office have no small task to match this advance, yet we have one more request to ask of you.  When you go, join the Great Ones and preach peace from Othaya, through Kenya to all of Africa. God will give you strength.  Fare well then, Mr. President, and fare thee well. Your challenge to us as a people has not been in your speech; your deeds speak for themselves. As a nation, we must now go on to new territory. But God is with us. Fare well Great Son. Fare well Mr. President and fare thee well.

God Bless Kenya.

Allan Bukusi

December 2012

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