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Thursday, January 31, 2013

People will tolerate a leader

People may tolerate a leader. However, as soon as possible, they will choose their leaders. Just as they work, if they have to, and later chose whom to work for.

Allan Bukusi

The more people know the harder they are to rule.

The more people know the harder they are to rule. The more people grow the more they rule themselves.

Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To solve a problem

To solve a problem, you need to know the end from the beginning, quite apart from the context.

Allan Bukusi

Think Big

Ben Carson tells us to think big. And we should. However, maybe some of us need to start thinking a little bigger, little by little at first, before we get the courage to think the big picture.

Allan Bukusi

A leader must be positive

A leader must be positive, possible and practical in order to see progress.

Allan Bukusi

You cannot be a leader

If all you do is complain and see the problems in what has been done, know for sure that you cannot lead. And that you must be told what to do. Replace problems with progress and complaints with compliments and you will see the difference.

Allan Bukusi

A slum grows on you.

A slum grows on you. You have to be alive to it and keep shaking it off.

Allan Bukusi

The poor think the rich are evil.

The poor think the rich are evil. The rich think the poor are lazy.

Allan Bukusi

Everybody loves a leader until the job is done.

Everybody loves a leader until the job is done. Ask Caesar, Napoleon and Churchill.

Allan Bukusi

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The folly of community is to think that it is ours

The folly of community is to think that it is ours.

Allan Bukusi

There is greater joy in achieving than getting what you want

There is greater joy in achieving than getting what you want.

Allan Bukusi

Resolutions and Goals

While others can make and break resolutions, leaders must have goals.

Allan Bukusi

Monday, January 28, 2013

Renew yourself

Every cell in your body replaces itself every seven years. Every seven years you have to introduce yourself and get used to somebody new.

Allan Bukusi

The most insecure job in the world

Everyone is happy with the leader when everything is going right. However, every decision a leader makes or has made is brought into question when things go wrong. A leader's job is the most insecure job in the world.

Allan Bukusi

A Prophets Misery


The gospels record that a prophet is honored everywhere except at home among his own people and the people he loves the most. His own people make it a habit of never supporting his initiative and take pride in identifying weakness while the world makes use of his strengths. It is as if evil makes camp in his house to bring him down. This brings the prophet great misery. But I see this truth of leaders as well. Those who have excelled are not respected by those whose love would have meant the most to them. It is a great paradox to have the love of the world, but not the love of home.  Only a few people are willing to make this sacrifice.

Allan Bukusi

A self-made prayer

I will honor you so long as you have the power.

I will support you as long as you do what I want.

I will thank you, if you give me what I need, and

I will bless you if you give me what I want.

Apart from these, you can do what you want.

Allan Bukusi


The three books on my desk

There are usually three books on my desk. The one I am reading. One I refer to, and the one I am writing. The one I read gives me fresh insight. The one I refer too aligns my values. The one I am writing is simply an outpouring of my soul.

Allan Bukusi

Perfect, the god in me

It is not that I am perfect, but I do expect others to be. It is a mystery that we expect others to be, unless it was meant to be.

It is not that I am, or am  not, but the desire to be, that convicts me. How can it be that I want to be that which is not in me.

I expect and search for in others what deep down I know I am supposed to be. Perhaps it is the god in me.

Allan Bukusi


General Elections are a very civil war

General elections are a very civil war. I do not want to think about the other option.

Allan Bukusi

Followers present problems

Followers present problems. Managers present solutions. Leaders present options.

Allan Bukusi

As far as the East from the West

Leadership is as far from management as the east is from the west. On earth, that makes them very close.

Allan Bukusi


The Famous Divorce Lawyer

There is a story of a famous divorce lawyer who had a zero success rate. He always made sure his cases were watertight before he went to court. He fancied himself to be the judge and his clients the jury. After hearing all the evidence, and  before he made his ruling, he would ask the jury to decide whether this case would stand in court. More often than not, the jury would not come back.

Allan Bukusi

It is not the person, it is the personality

It is not the person it is the personality. There person you can do nothing about. The personality you can work out. It is you I am talking about. It is not that a person is driving the car that is a problem; however, there are people you would rather not.

Allan Bukusi

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Without one, a man will surely die

Man is given to work, to eat and to know God. Without one, a man will surely die.

Allan Bukusi

So be careful what you do

You never do it to others or for others. You always do it to or for yourself. So be careful what you do.

Allan Bukusi

Time means some thing to some people

Time means some thing to some people. But no thing others. The key is to work with all. Because on a balance the numbers are roughly, equal.

Allan Bukusi

I wish there was a place initiative could be bought

I wish there was a place initiative could be bought. I would buy a whole lot and give it to my friends and enemies. That would make me more friends and less enemies. But I have to resign myself to the fact that it must be sought.

Allan Bukusi


Dishes wont wash themselves

I have never seen dishes that clean themselves. Or books that read themselves. I really don't think that is the way it is supposed to be. The responsibility, I find, rests on me.

Allan Bukusi

How do you deal with Anger

Anger. Anger is good apart from the fact that it is destructive. Some would argue that destruction is not good. However, few people will disagree that harmful things like illicit or evil things like drugs should not be destroyed. Anger as an emotion is a potent force. It can mobilize energy you never thought you had and cause much damage to oneself and another. William Davies talks about overcoming anger. It would be important to invest in this knowledge for yourself to avoid personal injury, but also to avoid making a fool of yourself. Some people take pride in their anger. Some people say they can't control it. It takes maturity to manage it. You can do it. Control it. It may be your greatest victory yet.

Allan Bukusi


How do you measure an honest days work

There is such a measure as an honest day's work. It involves effort, initiative and output. Where one of these is lacking, the day is suspect.

Allan Bukusi

Saturday, January 26, 2013

You cannot live beyond your dreams

You cannot live beyond the measure of your dreams. You may be able to live beyond your means for a time. However, you will never live beyond the limit of your dreams. There is really no harm in dreaming. Do it often, do it much. Who knows it may just all come true.

Allan Bukusi

Training is building aspirations

Over time, I have found that training is more of building peoples aspirations than giving them new skills. A person with no dreams will do nothing with new skills.

Allan Bukusi

Your team must be equal to your task

Your team must be equal to your task, or else your work will never be done. Develop the team or get another team.

Allan Bukusi

Report progress not problems

Report progress not problems. Progress makes people glad. Problems make people mad.

Allan Bukusi


Everybody learns

Everybody learns. Some by trail, some by error and some by never.

Allan Bukusi

Buying and selling is moving things around with diminishing returns.

Buying and selling is moving things around with diminishing returns.

Allan Bukusi


Life does not give you solutions

Life does not give you solutions. Life gives you options. Life does not give you problems. Life gives you opportunities.

Allan Bukusi

Friday, January 25, 2013

The leaders back is a very attractive target

The back of a leader is a very attractive target. Especially when they are solving problems.

Allan Bukusi

There is no holy way to grumble

There is not holy way to grumble, gripe or complain. They are all the same and don't solve anything.

 Allan Bukusi

Nobody loves the underdog

Nobody loves the underdog. All they want is a good fight. And are just as surprised when the underdog wins.

Allan Bukusi


Dictators have their supporters

Don't be fooled. Even dictators have their supporters. It does not need to be you.

Allan Bukusi

The worst a leader can do is act without thinking

The worst a leader can do is act without thinking. The next worst thing you can do is, think without acting.

Allan Bukusi

Culture puts a ceiling on leadership

Culture puts the ceiling on leadership. If the people won't move, there is nothing you can do. You have to put down your leadership and work on their culture to grow them some more.
Allan Bukusi

How to help your leader

When you meet with your leader, understand that there are many socio-psycho-politico-econo-environmental issues that they are dealing with. And that yours is just one of them. This sounds harsh, but the smile behind, "we'll see what we can do", should tell you that what I am saying is true. Leaders carry a great deal of weight even if they don't look like it. Good leaders are very good at hiding it from you. Frustrated leaders tend to shout at you. So here is how you can you help your leader?

First, appreciate the work they do. Everybody likes some appreciation. It is human, natural and will win you their full attention.

Second, listen to them. This may surprise you, but think about it for a moment – who listens to them. That is the only way you will get to know what the real issues are.

Third, understand that leadership is not a single solution math problem. Leadership challenges are compound and complex. Leaders try hard to look for the best solution.

Fourth, don't come with a problem. Every leader has enough of those. The problem may even include you. Come with a participative solution and request permission, opportunity or resources to help solve the problem.

Fifth, please do your homework and don't waste time. Leaders have no more time than you. Yet are expected to do ten times more than you.

Sixth, let them know when they are doing okay and help them to do okay.

Here is a bonus. Do yourself a favor. Don't storm the office fuming, frothing and stewing at the mouth demanding answers as if yours is the only problem in the world. It makes you look bad. Actually, it belittles your dignity and makes your objectives look suspect. And it does not matter that you are the customer.

Allan Bukusi  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

To survive all you need is a plan

To survive all you need is a plan. To succeed you must have a strategy.

Allan Bukusi

The employed workforce

The employed workforce remains the most bonded resource for national development around the world. Its potential can only be likened to the explosion of wealth that took place after the abolition of slavery.

Allan Bukusi

The Value of Time

Construction teaches you the value of time. After three courses you must rest.  The plaster must be given time to seal. While the slab requires 21 days to set. In building we learn the time sets, time heals and that time gives strength.

Allan Bukusi

It is not about what you lost

It is not about what you lost, what you don't have and what you can't get. But it is about what you have, what you are, and that you are here.

Allan Bukusi

Freedom is a good thing.

Freedom is a good thing. Conscience is a good thing. Freedom of conscience, if you think about it, is not such a good thing.

Allan Bukusi

Happy people live many

Happy people live many. Sad people live only a few.

Allan Bukusi

There is no such thing as free enterprise

There is no such thing as free enterprise. As if enterprise can be forced. Enterprise is always free.

Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The maid makes my bed

The maid makes my bed, my boss pays my salary and the council collects my rubbish. So what do you do?

Allan Bukusi

A core quality of the family is that it should be able to reproduce itself.

A basic quality of a family is to reproduce itself.
Allan Bukusi

Of men and women

Men and women are different because they are different. But that has never stopped them working together in every age, time and culture.

Allan Bukusi

They pretended to pay us

"They pretended to pay us and we pretended to work".  – Communist Russia

Allan Bukusi

Lead with your head

Lead with your head. Understand with the heart. And don't be afraid to work with your hands.

Allan Bukusi

Many people dont know where they are going

Many people don't know where they are going. Many more don't know how to get there.

Allan Bukusi

Dont side with the rich or poor

Do not side with the rich because of his riches, or side with the poor because he is poor. Both are able to be evil. Do just, right and good.

Allan Bukusi

Belief is the power to transform

Belief is the power to transform. Do you be believe?

Allan Bukusi

SIx Proposed Qualities, Character and Competencies of a Licensed Human Resources Practitioner

The newly legislated Human Resources law in Kenya offers a unique opportunity to create the most "advanced" form of professional organization on the globe by taking lessons from the organizational strengths and weaknesses of other professional bodies around the world. How should the HRM profession in Kenya position and brand itself to be a world class professional body?
Allow me to open debate on the profile of a licensed Human Resources Practitioner. The Executive Director, Mr.  Osero, points out in the Business Daily that the certification will emphasize skills rather than academics. This is a critical point not just for the profession, but also for facilitating national growth and ensuring industrial development. HR professionals, not only need to know what to do, but also HOW to do it. This paper proposes six qualities, characteristics or competencies (QCC) that a licensed Human resources practitioner (CHRP) should have in order to do justice to the profession and serve the nation at large.
The first quality is integrity. While other professions assume integrity as a trust over financial or material things, Integrity assumes a whole new meaning when a CHRP is entrusted with lives, careers, and the realization of hopes and dreams of people. A CHRP should not only guard their personal integrity, but also protect the dignity of the people (employees) they oversee. A CHRP is called to be realistic, but impartial in all dealing in the best interest of employees and employers as partners in progress. This quality, perhaps more than any other, makes Human resources management a noble profession.
The second is leadership. Human Resources management mobilizes people resources for a purpose, projects and profit. Human resources is more than structure and systems it is about leading people with a just and beneficial cause to a profitable goal. It is therefore impossible to be a licensed human resources practitioner in an organization with an unjust or illegal cause. A CHRP demonstrates leadership in the ability to mobilize people to pursue corporate strategy and realize business goals through effective management of performance and the development of people. The CHRP is a leader and should demonstrate constructive leadership in the course of their duty.
The third is business savvy. The reason why HR practitioners have not always been welcome in the boardroom may be that they fail to understand industry and enterprise dynamics and cocoon themselves in dealing with "salary adjustments" rather than ensuring corporate success. In this sense, human resources is projected as a cost rather than a competence, with HR managers showing greater loyalty to protecting "human" interests than facilitating business sense that ensures the human interests. The CHRP will need to have the versatility to appreciate the challenges of enterprise and participate in developing business solutions that advance the interests of the business and human resources rather than wait for a budget allocation to pay and train staff for the year.
Fourth. Be global in outlook and remain relevant through continuous development, specialization, creating  and documenting new knowledge, through reading, research, writing and reflection ahead of continuous education. This will keep the profession vibrant, developing and on the cutting edge of technological advancement every year.
Fifth. Demonstrate the ability to translate theory into practice and be able to bridge the gap between academics and enterprise as well as being able to interpret, analyze and create human resources solutions in the socio-economic context of the enterprise and participate in the development of national solutions to environmental challenges. This is the bedrock of national transformation.
Sixth. Knowledgeable. The CHRP needs to be familiar with the foundations, construction and architecture of Human resources management principles, processes and variable global practice of the profession. And be a master of at least one specialization.
In conclusion, the law now exists. However, we (the professionals) need to create the profession. We have a unique opportunity to calibrate the profile of a licensed Human Resource Practitioner for posterity.
Allan Bukusi
January 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

A business always starts with a great customer focus

A business always starts with a great customer focus.  With time, it begins to focus on staff; in the vain belief that staff keep the business in business. Finally, the focus turns to shareholder. At which point the business faces imminent failure as customers lose interest in the business.

Allan Bukusi


No nation can survive if it thinks only of its own people

No nation can survive if it thinks only of its own people. No more than a selfish man can thrive on his own.

Allan Bukusi

Initiative is the key to your success...

Initiative is a key to success. However, it is the key to your future. Without it, all you have going for you is fate.

Allan Bukusi

Put it Back!

Put it back. You will need it when you pass by that way again. That may be sooner than you think.

Allan Bukusi

What did you do with your life?

Life makes a division between winners and losers, those who try and those who won't. Life is the track. You are the runner. But the race is not between the strong and the weak or the tall and the short. The race is every man on his own. What did you do with your life?

Allan Bukusi


Why are creative people so few

The destroy nature of man is such that when he sees something, he actually wants to break it and take it apart. The create nature of man is under hostile vice of the destroy nature. Few people overcome the destroy nature naturally. Most people wrestle with it all through life. That is why creative people are so few.

Allan Bukusi


Sunday, January 20, 2013

A businessman must learn politics

A businessman must learn politics. The same way an ace cricket player must know the rules of rugby in order to engage in the sport.

Allan Bukusi

You cant get out of life alive

Les Brown says, "You can't get out of life alive". So do not be over cautious, be bold and realize your full potential.

Allan Bukusi

Politics is discussed by those who do not understand it and used by those who plan it.

Politics is discussed by those who do not understand it and used by those who plan it.

Allan Bukusi

The Supermarket Strategy

The supermarket is in danger of replacing the people's ability to think.

Allan Bukusi


Saturday, January 19, 2013

To desire and aspire are agents of growth

To desire and aspire are agents of growth. No animal desires to be more, apart from food. Only man aspires to be more than he is and to be all that he could be.

Allan Bukusi

The fear of death makes one a slave

The fear of death makes one a slave. A person with no fear of death cannot be a slave. The man is free indeed.

Allan Bukusi

Only free men vote, slaves are bought

Only free men vote, slaves are bought.

Allan Bukusi

Education Quickens the Spirit

Education quickens the spirit. The lack of it deadens it.

Allan Bukusi

The learned reason, the illiterate get angry

The learned reason. The illiterate get angry.

Allan Bukusi

Slave and Master is not a profit arrangment

Slave and master is not a profit arrangement.

Allan Bukusi

Wealth & Power are not enough

Wealth and power are not enough. Respect is worth more.

Allan Bukusi

The oppressed and the oppressor are both suffering

The oppressed and the oppressor are both suffering. One from arrogance, the other from violence. It takes great wisdom to tell who is suffering from what, and who is suffering more.


Friday, January 18, 2013

War & Peace

It may take war to install peace. Yet peace often precedes war.

Allan Bukusi

Everything new and modern looks the same

Everything new and modern looks the same. The traditional ones look o so different.

Allan Bukusi

Another word for Technology is Advantage

Another word for technology is advantage. It is the cutting edge of your strength. And the wisdom of what you know.

Allan Bukusi

Do not let criticism kill your dream

Do not let criticism kill your dream. It has a strange way of appearing at the birth of an idea, when you take some initiative and in the middle of a solution.

Allan Bukusi

Leaders are hit men

Leaders are hit men, and women. They are hit for every imaginable and unthinkable reason.

Allan Bukusi

Does History make sense?

Does history make sense? If yes, then we can tell the end from the beginning. If no, then we are subject to the fate of mere existence.

Allan Bukusi


The government of heaven and the government of men

There is a great sameness with the two. Both are kingdoms. Both claim a sovereign. Each has a government. Both have forces and resources of state. What if the two met?

Allan Bukusi

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Money requires Wisdom

Money requires wisdom. There is a proverb that says, money requires wisdom. I had not thought about it much until I considered how repulsive is the idea of, "money in the hands of a fool". When I consider the detailed account of money in THE SNOWBALL and that the wisest man who ever lived was also the richest, I am inclined to believe the proverb is true. Don't worry about money. Get wisdom, money will follow.

Allan Bukusi

Your failure is not due to the strength of the opposition

Your failure to succeed is not due to the strength of the opposition, as much as it is a result of your own disorganization. Weak teams can beat strong ones.

Allan Bukusi

The Book and the TV have no Law

The book and the TV have no law. They are the law. People believe what they read, but even more what they see.

Allan Bukusi

The Public is in for the Intrigue

The public is in for the intrigue, the clandestine and the fairy tale. The truth or the purpose of the matter is of little concern. All the people want is, to know. They are riled by the fact that they did not know.

Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Frustrated people need a vent

Frustrated people need a vent. The best victims are innocent by standers who have no clue of what to do, if they can help or how they are to blame.

Allan Bukusi

To enjoy the aroma and desire the flavor is human

To enjoy the aroma and desire the flavor is human. To see the reel and want the real is like a man. Yet to separate the two is divine.

Allan Bukusi

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What Enterprise is not

Buying things and spending money is not enterprise. It is shopping.

Allan Bukusi

Your personal development depends on your effort

Your personal development depends on your effort, not your achievement.

Allan Bukusi

We need more Energy to thrive

Warren Buffet talks about Intelligence, Energy and Integrity. These are essential in enterprise and in employees. I struggle with which is most important. Energy is vital for industry, but I find that this generation typically suffers from lack of energy.

Allan Bukusi

What kind of Gatekeeper are you

We are all gatekeepers. Gatekeepers keep the gate open, or keep the gate shut. Some rent the gate while others take the gate wherever they go. What kind of gatekeeper are you?

Allan Bukusi


Take advice

Take advice from someone you would like to be and not from someone you like. Take advice from someone who is better than you, not someone like you. Take advice from someone who has achieved more than you have and get ideas from those who have achieved less than you. Listen to those around you and avoid any advice that harms you.

Allan Bukusi

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Personal JUBILEE

KENYA @ 50 - A Personal JUBILEE
Kenya was born at some time between 1962 and 1964 at a convergent time in history. The decline of the British Empire, after the Second World War, and the heroic struggle of our people gave birth to a proud new nation. The winds of change ushered in freedom for a people under another nation to serve their own nation. Kenya was born free. I was born free. Our spirit has always been free.
With Kenyatta at the helm, the great ship set sail around the world. By 1972, Kenya's global running brand was set in gold. All it took was the determination of a few good men on the athletics track.  In 1978, the baton passed on to Moi. It was a first in terms of peaceful change. But, by 1982, there was trouble in the hold. However, by the grace of God, the people stayed on course. By 1992, the winds had changed and the people had switched off self-rule for democracy.
Coalition was something new, but that came in 2002. With Kibaki as captain, it would take almost ten years to vote in a new constitution. By 2012, the Jubilee had come too soon. 50 years seems long, but I had been there all along. Kenya is my twin. We were born with about 9 million others. We have changed much with time. I have some white hair now and many people of the nine are now history. The cars have changed and the roads are wider. But now our women have won the Nobel Prize for planting trees.
There will also be a new president soon. But we have been down that road before. I want my twin to outlive me. I am not sure I will see another jubilee this side of heaven, most who see a jubilee, see only one. So I am glad that I share mine with my country. Many changes are yet to be. But I pray one change will never come; that our people will never lose our freedom. May the gift of our jubilee be that every child be born free. Free to serve and enjoy this land in every county as one country, as I have done, for many jubilees to come.
Allan Bukusi

O God of all creation
Bless this our land and nation
Justice be our shield and defender
May we dwell in unity,
 peace and liberty
Plenty be found within our borders
Let one and all arise
With hearts both strong and true
Service be our earnest endeavour
And our homeland of Kenya
Heritage of splendour
Firm may we stand to defend
Let all with one accord
In common bond united
Build this our nation together
And the glory of Kenya
The fruit of our labour
Fill every heart with thanksgiving

True Freedom

True freedom, is not absence of oppression or presence of choice. True freedom is not without a role or a task. True freedom is not to bask, but to seek out and to serve.

Allan Bukusi


Not everyone is a manager

Not everyone is a manager, leader or supervisor. Many are forced to do it for economic or career reasons, but not from the heart. We must find more creative ways to reward these people for their gifts and talent.

Allan Bukusi

Sometimes I would rather be someone else

Sometimes I would rather be someone else, somewhere else, doing something else. It is easier to sit down behind the crowd and watch the action way out front. It is easier to help someone than to be someone. Sometimes I don't want to be there. Sometimes I would rather stay at home. That is when I know that I should lead.

Allan Bukusi

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Faith is learning to do

Faith is learning to do, what you want to be.

Allan Bukusi

how do you tell a lazy person

A lazy person takes twice as long to do half as much as anyone else.

Allan Bukusi

The True Test of Stewardship is

The true test of stewardship is, to do it.

Allan Bukusi


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Administration is activity

Administration is activity. Management is activities. Leadership is to oversee those activities.

Allan Bukusi

If you want to lead...

If you want to lead, ask God for an extra heart. You will need it.

Allan Bukusi

Know your enemy

Know your enemy. There is no point in fighting someone you do not know. Anyway, you need to know enough about him, her or it to fight to any effect.

Allan Bukusi

If you leave the way you came

If you leave the way you came, you have no one to blame. Maybe you should not have come. But since you came anyway, you are the one to decide if you will leave the same.

Allan Bukusi


It is possible to easily mask history as civilization. And, believe it.

Allan Bukusi


History tells no tales...

History tells no tales; but plenty of riddles.

Allan Bukusi


Love & Reality

Love and reality are both hard work.

Allan Bukusi


We try to achieve serenity when we go on holiday. It is a state in which we want to be at peace with everyone and everything around us. James Allen talks about serenity as the highest form of existence, perfection if you will. But serenity should be every day, not just when you are on holiday. To be calm and cool in every situation is a mark of power and self-control. Knowing that this too will pass.

Allan Bukusi

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The World is not the same

The world is evolving, exploring, expanding. To put an end to it one would be God. To keep up with it is natural. To try and be ahead of it is just human. To remain the same would be too casual. The world we live in is not the same

Allan Bukusi


Sacrifice for success

The two words seem not to go together. In fact, they are inseparable. Think of all the things you have ever achieved. They are because you gave up something else. To lose weight, you cut your eating habits. To pass your exams you gave up parties. To succeed in your career, you spent time doing what will take you to the top rather than enjoying other things in life. Think of what you want to achieve and list down what you have to sacrifice. In other words, the product and the price you must pay for it. then go for it.

Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quarreling and feuds know not class

Quarreling and feuds know not class, status or society.

Allan Bukusi

War is never far away

War is never far away. So, keep the peace.

Allan Bukusi

Impression is everthing

Impression is everything. It tells a story like, well-fed leaders and underfed followers.

Allan Bukusi

Your reality and my reality are different

Your reality and my reality are different. If we are to live, we must come to terms with that.

Allan Bukusi

All of us live in our own world

All of us live in our own world. We are shocked when we step into the real world. We think it is another world. We get a sense of relief when we get back to our own world.


War has one outcome

War has one outcome. Destruction.

Allan Bukusi


Excuses. They tell you when someone has reached their limit, lost for ideas or really has no clue of what to do.

Allan Bukusi

Board members

Supervisors are selected for know-how. Managers are recruited for knowledge and skill. Board members are headhunted for thinking outlook and understanding.

Allan Bukusi

Let no one tell you where your opportunity will come from

Let no one tell you where your opportunity will come from. All you must be is ready.

Allan Bukusi

Outsourcing has its good points

Outsourcing has its good points. However, it also has its sore points. You can lose control and when you do, the price is very high.

Allan Bukusi

Courage is a myth

Courage is a myth. Facing reality is more like it.

Allan Bukusi


Hope is so powerful

Hope is so powerful, it lives beyond the grave.

Allan Bukusi

Most enterpreneurs handle administration pretty well

Most entrepreneurs handle administration pretty well. However, many entrepreneurs are not able to install management. This may be why many successful enterprises do not last longer than the life of the entrepreneur.

Allan Bukusi

After you win the war

After you win the war, then comes the economic crash. You must pay the price.
Allan Bukusi

The State must create a talking point

The state must create a talking, rallying or activity point to hold the nation together.

Allan Bukusi

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cynics pay a high price for their line of work

Cynics pay a high price for their line of work. They lose every opportunity there is to make difference.
Allan Bukusi

Leadership is not common sense

Leadership is not common sense. Otherwise, anyone would do it. It takes more than the usual to do the unusual. Leadership is more than the usual and not just the will. It takes wit and wisdom to be.

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Monday, January 7, 2013


Napoleon Hill tells of a mastermind. Wallace D Wattles alludes to the same. You should get hold of these books. They will help you create a mind that is bigger than what you have on your shoulders. Sometimes there are things that need a different point of view to come up with a solution. Sometimes you don't need a solution all you need is another point of view. By creating a mastermind of the pooled resources of wise men and women, people who have more or other experience than you can open door to great opportunity. If you are not moving ahead, put together the best brains around you to crack the nut. You will be surprised what a board of minds can do…

Allan Bukusi

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creating wealth is more important than creating jobs.

Creating wealth is more important than creating jobs.  I am not sure how jobs came to be more important than wealth, but creating jobs before wealth is like putting the" cart before the horse". Creating jobs alone is like exporting national wealth.

Allan Bukusi


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marketing is not...

Marketing is not the same as littering or loitering.  

Allan Bukusi


Look carefully and you will find that you have a triple heritage that could earn you a living. Some people call it a gift or talent, but it is much more than this. It is active, in spite of yourself. Your triple heritage will be identified by three different people. Your friends may tell you about it. Your workmates will use it. You may not like it, but deep down you know it is true. And you don't have to struggle to get it done. A triple heritage gives you an advantage in life you can't lose but only you can use.

Allan Bukusi

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Leadership Leap

People think that leadership can be assumed in one great leap. And that those who make the leap successfully are somehow unique, gifted or super talented. There is a more sober approach to developing leaders. It is based on a careful personal development plan with five stages. The first being the most important.

1.       Personal organization

Being able to arrange your activity, organize your time and use your abilities productively is the first step.

2.       Supervision

Being able to help others do the same thing you have mastered in (1) above.

3.       Administration

 This is the skill to be able to keep record, track and monitor the progression of any organized or routine activity. My first boss called this "filing". I think he was very near perfect in his definition of administration.

4.       Management

Here is where signs of the "great leap" become apparent. Those who have made progress through the previous two stages can organize an activity from planning to personnel through to product. Management involves all the three stages before it, but also involves thinking, creativity and taking some risks.  At this point things get uncomfortable for those not used to solving problems in stages 1, 2 & 3.

5.       Leadership

The ability to set public goals, follow through and achieve results, with or without resources. In the gap between intent and outcome is the greatness of a leader.

Allan Bukusi