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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Leadership Leap

People think that leadership can be assumed in one great leap. And that those who make the leap successfully are somehow unique, gifted or super talented. There is a more sober approach to developing leaders. It is based on a careful personal development plan with five stages. The first being the most important.

1.       Personal organization

Being able to arrange your activity, organize your time and use your abilities productively is the first step.

2.       Supervision

Being able to help others do the same thing you have mastered in (1) above.

3.       Administration

 This is the skill to be able to keep record, track and monitor the progression of any organized or routine activity. My first boss called this "filing". I think he was very near perfect in his definition of administration.

4.       Management

Here is where signs of the "great leap" become apparent. Those who have made progress through the previous two stages can organize an activity from planning to personnel through to product. Management involves all the three stages before it, but also involves thinking, creativity and taking some risks.  At this point things get uncomfortable for those not used to solving problems in stages 1, 2 & 3.

5.       Leadership

The ability to set public goals, follow through and achieve results, with or without resources. In the gap between intent and outcome is the greatness of a leader.

Allan Bukusi

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