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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get an Education

I went to school to get an education

All I got was an average reputation

I made up my mind to change my situation

And found, that success, takes much dedication

I gave to school my fullest attention,

I never thought I had the determination

Today as I think of my destination

My heart is full of great expectation

Someday I'll say with much appreciation

I am so glad I got an education

Some choose the right; others take left

Many arrive with one but not the other

Take both, Take both, take both I say

Because, however long or short the journey

It takes both character and qualification

To get a true education


Poem from Big 7, by Allan Bukusi, 2006

It has been said that education is what you leave school with. But if the knowledge you are exposed to in school does not translate into skills and character in life, then all you have done is to look at a picture.

Allan Bukusi

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