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Friday, March 22, 2013

How To Take Action








Taking action on leadership, management or personal matters is the only way to progress and create a better state of affairs. The question that we may genuinely not have an answer to is how to go about it? This six-step framework is a guide.

The A.C.T.I.O.N. acronym is the subject of Taking Action by Allan Bukusi

First, you have to be clear as to what you want to achieve and be comfortable that it is worth the effort that will be required to achieve it. Even if you don't see how you are going to muster that effort you must be prepared to put yourself "online" to achieving the goal. In order to pass the exam, you must first register for it and study as best you can.

Second, you need to examine the capacity you have to pursue the goal and build up any additional capacity you may need. If the qualifications to get to be CEO require a college education, you may need to get that degree as a prerequisite to pursuing your goal.

Third, examine the task. Break it down. Create a ladder to it. Schedule the needed activity.  Get a good feel of how long and how many hours it will take to accomplish the task.

Fourth, remember that everything not only has a cost but an impact as well.  These two words may well mean the same thing. By examining the cost, you can set aside resources to pursue the goal. By examining the impact, you can prepare the people who will be affected by it and let them know what to expect and how things will change. Everything affects everything else. Other people will be more willing to cooperate with you and even help you get to your goals when they know what you are about and how it affects them.

Fifth, examine your options, opportunity and opposition. Supposing you did not do what you need to do today. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Is the opposition justified, do they have a point? Can you learn from them? Are there better options to the course of action you have chosen?

Sixth, there is nothing like a comforting word in a storm. A network of counselors (not necessarily supporters) will give you wisdom external to your perspective and circumstances. In the thick of the action, the world needs a little brightening for you to go on. So go on then and take the ACTION you need.

Allan Bukusi


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