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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Managing Time, Moments of Truth & Deadlines


To excel in managing time, treat time like a precious resource. Use it carefully like limited funds in a bank account. Use it wisely by spending time like money to buy things you need. Just like you don't like to waste money, don't waste your time, you may not have enough left when you really need it. Nobody is born a natural time manager. Time is only available to you while you are alive. It is your job to make the most of it every single day.

I always face moments of truth when major events like an examinations or work deadlines approach. In these moments of truth, I have to ask myself if I have used my time wisely as the time for these major events come closer.  Sometimes the threat of the deadlines forces me to take urgent action. When this happens, I find myself rushing over the work. I then regret why I never used my time well when I had the time to do the job properly. In these moments of truth I realize that I wasted some ideal time in the past that should have been used to do this job that has now become urgent.

By the way I wonder why deadlines are called deadlines. I imagine it is because people are found dead on the line. I prefer to call them "date lines" or "time lines". That way, they are more friendly and do not smell of murder and death like "deadlines". By adjusting the words you use to communicate your time schedules will help those you speak to develop a healthy and positive attitude to the discipline of managing time.

Allan Bukusi

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