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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Unconventional CEOs

Unconventional CEOs

There are two types of CEOs. Conventional and unconventional CEOs. Conventional CEOs are a "safe pair of hands" that ensure the bottom line is not breached and that profits are marginally increased. They do not rock the boat or tray to change the organization. These CEOs will stay as long as there is a salary. We need such leaders to keep the peace and ensure stability and continued success. These leaders usually have good credentials and long experience (in one place) with a proven track record of creating shareholder value. However...

Characteristically, unconventional CEOs have no previous experience to weigh them down into conventional thinking. They have no problems trying something new and tend to be independent thinkers. They have no respect for lines, whether bottom or top, but concentrate on service improvement. They have a record of starting up and changing things. Unconventional CEOs don't stay too long. They move on when the job is done.

If you employ a conventional CEO – nothing will change. Things will remain the same or you will get more of the same. If you employ an unconventional CEO, things will change. With a good sense of direction, transformation will occur. Unconventional CEOs have very little in common with the conventional CEOs. However, unconventional CEOs have three major qualities a) They have a profession (which they are usually very good at), b) they understand leadership and c) they have a passion and a stomach for change.   

Allan Bukusi

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