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Friday, May 31, 2013


The Three Signs of Transformation
It is a season of Jubilee; internationally, nationally and for me personally. God is allowing us to celebrate a season of jubilee. Nevertheless, what is so special about a jubilee? Leviticus explains the events of a jubilee as release, restoration and renewal. These events can be summed up as TRANSFORMATION. However, my concern is that you enjoy the benefits of the season and not just watch it go by.  I would like you to consider, how you can lead transformation where you are. Unless you and I engage in renewal and transformation around the season shall pass and who knows what the next season will be. Most people (those who live to beyond 50) only enjoy ONE Jubilee.  It is your and my duty to ensure that people take full advantage of the year of Gods favor upon our land.   There are three SIGNS of transformation you need to enjoy in this limited season.
First, we must be transformed. Unless we change, we will miss the blessings and benefit of this season. Something transformational has to happen to us like attending the next SALT class or being baptized. We all know things have to change, but are afraid to change like Nicodemus because of who we are, what we know and what we have achieved.
Nicodemus had reached the top of his career and was very successful. Yet he could see that a new season was sweeping the land. It was setting captives free, it was a season of release and Jubilee and he wanted to be part of it. He could see that the sick were being healed, miracles were happening and nobody could deny it. It was obvious. So, he went to see Jesus, at night.
In that brief chat, Jesus tells Nicodemus "You must be born again" THREE times! It is as simple and as complete as that. Do you want to enjoy the fruits of transformation then you must be transformed – you must be born again! The season of transformation is declared for all men, but it will pass you by unless you are transformed. Nicodemus needed renewal, you need renewal. Paul tells us we all need renewing of the mind. If we are not transformed, we will continue with our old success.
My great concern is that many people will not create wealth in this season and yet God has declared the release of wealth. Jacob never realized that God wanted him to get rich until he came to his senses after 14 years of marriage. I know married life has its challenges, but did you know that wealth can transform your life? And that wealth is necessary to establish a nation? Jacobs's story is found in Gen 29&30.
Jacob went to work for Laban and took wives as payment. Before you call him foolish, think of your own situation. Is your job making you wealthy or are you simply enjoying the benefits? When Jacob came to his senses, he realized that he was making wealth for Laban. This angered him, but wait a minute, where had his focus been for 14 years. His focus had been on Rachel's passing beauty. When he eventually turned back to God, God opened his eyes to the fact that God had provided an opportunity for him to create his own wealth. What opportunity has God provided for you to create wealth? Are you creating personal wealth?
Jesus only did what his father was doing (miracles). He was imitating his father. His father was working through him. He used his gifts and talents to serve Gods interests - WHERE HE WAS. That was it!. In other words, I am not asking you to do anything extra ordinary, I am asking you to let God work through you and everything you touch will be transformed.
What am I saying here. Jesus seems to be saying DO WHAT YOU WERE SENT TO DO! If it is teaching teach, if it is doctoring, doctor, if it is pastoring pastor. That is enough to bring transformation where you are. The miracle is that God uses your gifts and skills to transform the WORLD. The MIRACLE is that GOD actually wants to use you to heal the sick and raise the dead! The miracle is not that people are healed or that the dead are raised, that can actually happen without you. The miracle is that God choses to work through you! You are the Miracle of TRANSFORMATION. You are the AGENCY GOD IS USING to change the world around you. All you have to do is submit to HIM. If you submit to Him, HE WILL not only TRANSFORM YOU, but also TRANSFORM THE WORLD around you. Pray this prayer to begin your journey.
LORD, Thank you for this season of Jubilee. Please do not let me miss the blessing of this season. Transform me into the likeness of your son. Release me from the bonds of my past and restore the wealth that I have lost. Forgive me for depending on material things and not on you. Transform me by the renewing of my mind that I may know what you want me to do. Give me the humility to use the gifts you have given me to serve your people. Please come and work your miracles through me. In Jesus name, Amen.
God Bless you
Allan Bukusi

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