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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why you should prosper in employment!

What the readers say...
I really cherish this book because I never realized that I was unconsciously following the common trend of getting so used to my work as a routine and not thinking about investing in myself, and for my retirement, but only the immediate budget that the salary can accommodate.

 – Research Administrator, Ghana

It may sound like common sense, but your job should really make you wealthy! just add up how much money you have earned this year and add it to all your previous earnings - how much of it do you still have? Yet you and I know hundreds of people who work "year in" and "year out" without saving as much as a few dollars. You and I also know of people whose employment purpose is to "make ends meet" or "pay the rent", "foot endless bills" and worst of all "pay debts". This book will transform your understanding of your purpose of employment, teach you how to prosper on the job and rescue you from the vicious "rat race" that keeps so many people imprisoned in financial bondage.  The price you pay for not making proper use of your job is poverty!

Why should you prosper in employment? 

The only sensible reason for you to be employed is to create WEALTH!

Why doesn’t everyone prosper in employment?

Apart from wasting the opportunity to create their own wealth, many people do not know the purpose, principles or UNDERSTAND the pitfalls of creating wealth. Many employees actually retire poorer than when they were employed! 

“All I need to become wealthy is a better job!”
Earning more money won’t help you create personal wealth. The ability to create wealth is a skill. If you get a better paying job without this skill, all you will do is waste more money! Truth be told, employment is the greatest opportunity most of us will ever get to create capital for our personal development. Wasting this opportunity is to waste a lifetime of opportunity!

Allan Bukusi explains the purpose, the principles as well as the pitfalls of employment through a simple, entertaining yet eye-opening story of his own experiences and real life accounts of employee struggles to make ends meet and create wealth. The story starts by exploring the expectations of a fresh college graduate on his first job and his introduction to the world of work. He despises those who he finds stuck in lowly jobs, but finds himself trapped in the same condition several years later. He loses all hope when he listens to the horror stories of employees who retire to poverty and regret not using the money they earned to better themselves in life. The employee (grown up fresh graduate) takes counsel from his silent mentor who explains to him, in part, that his salary is capital he earns for his personal development. He must use that capital to create his own personal wealth. The mentor helps the young man shift his "consumer" mindset in order to become a wealth creator.

 This story has helped tens of thousands of employees realize the power employment gives them to chart, create and determine their own destiny. The Story draws parallels from the character of Jacob who only became rich after he realized that employment was in fact a great blessing and not a drudgery. Many employees are shocked when they count the value of the wealth they have wasted after a just a few years on the job. Take a few minutes to total all the wages you have earned since your first job. If what you have left of those years of earnings brings tears to your eyes, you really need to read this book urgently. After reading the book, employees quickly resolve to make proper use of every job they get and set about creating their own wealth. Its not how much you earn that makes you rich, it is what you do with what you earn that makes you wealthy!

 If I knew then what I know now, I would be very far [wealthy].  Everyone should know this early (in their careers)
… That book is thorough… I have read it three times and have lined up three people to read it… I now know what a cow is!
I express my earnest gratitude for such an enriching lifetime gift for not even the knowledge I have gained for the last five years can match the wisdom shared. clickhere to see more letters from readers

Read a chapter for yourself ...

Many people are happy to have money, but have no idea how to make it work for them. Many people seek jobs, but proceed to waste the valuable opportunity to get rich and become poorer with every salary they earn. If you are one such person, there is no shame in finding out how to leave the ranks of the average employee and join the people creating wealth for themselves. Get a copy of the book and make your job begin working for you today.   


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