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Friday, July 12, 2013

Training Transformational Leaders Seminar

Transformational leaders renew business profitability, productivity and performance. Transformation teams ensure that businesses serve market needs by responding to the evolving needs of customers. They are able to systematically position a business to profit from emerging market realities and ensure sustainable growth, development and success. This one-day program equips business leaders, management teams and supervisors with transformational thinking, knowledge and techniques to prepare the business to survive and thrive in a dynamic environment.   
1.       An overview of the principles, process and benefits of corporate transformation.
2.       Explain how to implement a business transformation program.
3.       Equip transformation teams with tools and techniques to transform business organizations.
This seminar equips team leaders with tools and techniques to;
ü  Create sustainable business operations and profitable organization cultures.
ü  Establish internal capacity to serve and satisfy the evolving needs of customers. 
ü  Install the capacity for an organization to be continually transformed.
ü  Manage change, transform the business and take advantage of emerging market opportunities. 
ü  Strive for new levels of achievement, improvement and quality customer service.
©Allan Bukusi is the author of How To Lead Corporate Transformation

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