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Friday, January 31, 2014

Every child is a gift.

Every child is a gift from God. Your job as a parent is to un-package it.

Allan Bukusi

The lesson I learn each day

The more I live, the lesson I learn every day is to be grateful.

Allan Bukusi

Are you confident?

Confidence is the skill to win without pride and the ability to fail without losing your self-esteem.

Allan Bukusi

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Young and foolish

You are young and foolish but once. After that, you become old and foolish.

Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Failure is not the enemy. At one point or other, it happens in life. Nevertheless, to fear to move on because of failure is indeed failure.  This second failure holds back the power that is in us to succeed. We feel failure because deep within us is the natural urge, the drive and the ability to attempt and do great things. This is the source of the pain we feel. However if we allow the fear of failure to hold us back, we will never realize who we are or what we ought to be. The fear factor is real, yet those who are called brave are not brave because they have no fear. They are brave in spite of the fear.  Failure is a fact. You can measure it, yet those who go on to achieve great things fail many times. Victory over failure is the will to move on. Victory is not to deny the failure, but to realize that greater glory awaits you if you move on. Take heart my friend.  It is not courage I ask of you. All I ask is what you can do. And that is to move on. Courage will come as you move along. To fail is one day, to win is the next, but in the end, victory only comes to those who move on and do not to give up.

Allan Bukusi


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to change an unprofitable company into a profitable business.

Stop trying to sell me something you have and make me something I can buy.

Allan Bukusi

Potential is more important than profit

A certain rich man from Azania came to the city in search of a profit. He enquired of the places he might buy property in order to prosper. The men and women he spoke to took him to town and showed him buildings of great value and estates of high worth. They took him to supermarket and shopping malls and large industrial works. They told him these properties would earn him huge returns if he bought them for himself.  On the way out of the city, he saw a piece of land with nothing but bush and enquired of it. He was told the no one really knew the value of the land since it was so far away from the city. No one knew its worth or potential. The land was too bushy to tell. Everyone guessed it might be worth a little more than a pittance. The rich man stayed two more days in the city, made his purchase and left. Two years later, he returned and built a power station on the piece of land he had bought for a pittance and now supplies the whole city with electricity.  

Allan Bukusi

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A life, a legacy and a will

If you never had a strategy in life, it is not possible to leave a legacy. The value of your Will; will not account to much more than the property you give away because it will be impossible to pass on a dream.

Allan Bukusi

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Family Strategy – The definition

The approach a family takes to explore and exploit its gifting, create wealth, influence society, transform the world and leave a legacy.

Allan Bukusi

Based on the book by the same title authored by Allan & Violet Bukusi