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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Failure is not the enemy. At one point or other, it happens in life. Nevertheless, to fear to move on because of failure is indeed failure.  This second failure holds back the power that is in us to succeed. We feel failure because deep within us is the natural urge, the drive and the ability to attempt and do great things. This is the source of the pain we feel. However if we allow the fear of failure to hold us back, we will never realize who we are or what we ought to be. The fear factor is real, yet those who are called brave are not brave because they have no fear. They are brave in spite of the fear.  Failure is a fact. You can measure it, yet those who go on to achieve great things fail many times. Victory over failure is the will to move on. Victory is not to deny the failure, but to realize that greater glory awaits you if you move on. Take heart my friend.  It is not courage I ask of you. All I ask is what you can do. And that is to move on. Courage will come as you move along. To fail is one day, to win is the next, but in the end, victory only comes to those who move on and do not to give up.

Allan Bukusi


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