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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Family Strategy Presentation, Seminar & Workshop

Family Strategy

Presentations, Seminar & Workshop

Why Every Family Needs Strategy
This powerful 30-minute presentation explains to audiences that family has very specific terms of reference (TORs). It moves audiences to realize the folly of not having a plan to address the challenging yet predictable crisis of family life. The presentation helps participants appreciate that many family crises come about not because a couple have “fallen out of love” or that they face “special circumstances”, but rather that crisis is often because couples fail to plan and prepare for the future. The presenter urges audiences to attend to family matters as a God given responsibility and a “growing concern” that needs a focused and well thought-out strategy to be successful.

The Principles of Family Strategy
This 60-minute presentation gives audiences the background to the ideas that give rise to family strategy and explains why each of the eight principles is critical to family success. The audience may get time to fill out and briefly examine their own FamilyTimeLine© (a tool that enables families to assess their status and future needs) to get a feel of what season the family is in and what they need to do (today) to prepare for an acceptable future. The presenter also outlines the sources of frustration of those who neglect the eight principles face in family life. There may be time for a brief question and answer session at the end of the presentation.

Family Strategy Seminar
This 2/3-hour seminar equips participants with the knowledge of the key process steps to complete a Family Strategy Toolkit. Participants examine their FamilyTimeLine© to develop an effective medium-term strategy for the family success. The seminar allows some time for questions and discussion on the core process steps with a large group (50+). But, does NOT allow for core skill development exercises needed to implement an effective strategy. Participants will have to complete the Family Strategy toolkit later on in their own time. The Family Strategy Seminar is an excellent option for breakout/elective or discussion group sessions at major international conferences running for a number of days under the same, similar or related theme. 

The Family Strategy Workshop
This is ideal for married couples who desire to develop and leave the workshop with a well developed, personalized Family Strategy Toolkit. Participants leave equipped with techniques to implement family strategy a well as with knowledge to manage family/marriage challenges. The modular one-day workshop empowers participants to appreciate personality differences, teamwork, the importance of managing conflict and effective communication alongside financial and wealth creation skills. The workshop helps couples appreciate the purpose of marriage and develop ways of fulfilling ways of working together as marriage partners.   
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