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Friday, February 7, 2014



Leadership can be described in many forms. It can be defined as a principle, a purpose, a position or a process. These all define roles which you, as a leader, are expected to play and fit into. However, leadership is also a personal quality in terms of character, competence, courage and confidence. These later qualities are sometimes summed up as charisma. Though the external definition of leadership can be acquired by appointment, the internal or personal definition of leadership depends on your personal discipline and initiative. When a person exhibits the personal qualities of leadership, they become leaders and people are able to follow them because they lead by example. There is no other way to lead by example other than to be a good example of what you want others to be. What are some of the ways in which a leader can lead by example?

1.       Attend to punctuality, personal organization and the management of time.

2.       Maintain personal ethics, etiquette, good attitude and presentation.

3.       Take due care of what is yours and what belongs to someone else. It costs you less in time.

4.       Accept responsibility for your own success, it will make you better in whatever you do.

5.       Set personal goals and pursue them.

6.       Live with purpose and not without aim.

7.       Mature. Do not rush. Be the calm, more intelligent and strategic mind.

8.       Reason rather than shout; it will make you think.

9.       Developing yourself as a matter of discipline and duty and do not be found among the lazy.

10.   Work with others as first among equals and do not enjoy playing the fool among others.


1.       Work to distinction without supervision,

2.       Fight to win without showing off and fail without losing your self-esteem.

3.       Have the courage to lead and keep a good name rather than just seeking fame.

4.       Truth Fairness, faithfulness and justice will make you fearless.

5.       Handle authority with wisdom and power with humility. It was given, it can be taken away.

6.       Complement and do not complain. All gain must come with some pain.

7.       To work and not think of immediate gain is not common sense to men.

8.       Fear God, serve all men and do not keep company with scoffers.

9.       If you do these things, you will be a good example to all men.

10.   On any given day, the things you do will set you apart, but these ten things will set you up as a leader of men.


Allan Bukusi

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