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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


If you found out that the business you work for has no strategic plan, I doubt you would be happy to spend the rest of your career in that organization. Most people would not be excited to work for a business without a strategic plan, but many people find it “okay” to live in a family without any real plans for the future. This great paradox affects many families around the world.
But what are the benefits of a strategic plan and why should every family have one?  Strategic plans determine business direction, set aside resources, prioritize activity and focus leadership and staff effort to pursue and achieve business goals. It is really no surprise that, barring unpredictable disaster, business goals are actually achieved. Of course, there is the issue of divine favor, but businesses still plan.  However, many families are prepared to pray, but somehow never manage to plan.
Let’s contrast this business success picture with a family (organization) that operates without a plan. Most activities in that home will be routine, while resources will be consumed as they come in because there is no plan to reserve incomes to meet future needs. The family operates an “efficient budget” that pays all the bills and leaves nothing in the bank every month.  Meanwhile the family needs grow as the children grow and parents struggle to meet the rising, tide of life and career expectations.  This situation can become quite desperate- without a plan!
Strategy is not a panacea for all family challenges, but it does help deal with the predictable challenges you face in marriage and family like children growing up, owning a home and facing uncomfortable issues like losing a job. Family Strategy helps you plan for and face the future with a realistic sense of hope and confidence. A good strategy will excite you about the real possibilities you are working on today to make tomorrow a better day. You cannot hope for what you do not expect. You cannot expect what you do not hope for. You really cannot expect what you do not aim for, and neither can you hope for what you do not plan to get. Every family needs a strategy because it needs hope and a future.

Allan Bukusi

The authors of Family Strategy plan to empower 60,000 families around the world with this message of hope. You can help by passing this message on to a friend.


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