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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Road to Destiny: The psychology of growing up

The road to destiny is twelve short years, from 12 to 24. The key to success on the journey is to always prepare for the next stage well in advance. The road to destiny is a journey every young man and woman must take. Unfortunately, it is a journey you can only take once. There is no stopping, no slowing and no going back or standing still on this road. Some people seem to get stuck in time, but everyone moves along. However, every person carries the joys and scars of this season throughout life. The memories will never fade. Older people still feel the intensity of this journey even though they may be at the very end of their days.

However, let no one ever cheat you that this is a miserable time. It is a time for exploration, enjoyment and experiment. It is a time for self-release and abandon. It is a time of great strength and deep emotions as God exposes you to the depths of your soul and to the vastness of the potential He has invested in you. Nonetheless, herein too lays the danger. The boundaries have been widened but there is still need for control, self-control. Those who indulge without advice, guidance or wise counsel will emerge from this period with deep regret. During this time, "later in life" seems like a million years away. During this time becoming a daddy or a mummy sounds impossible, but all it takes is a moment of careless contact between a man and a woman and nine months later it becomes a fact.

On this road it is hard to believe and so easy to trust. It is important to reach out to a person who has been that way before for guidance. Some people reach out to people they trust, but I would rather you reach out to a person who knows the way. You can tell the difference by the achievements of the people who want to give you counsel. Do not expect a drunkard to advise you better than the next bottle of beer. Neither can the poor man teach you how to get rich.  There is wisdom in the words; the blind cannot lead the blind. Find people who can see. 

Always set goals for yourself at each stage and age of your life. The reason you must do this is that the road to destiny is one un-re-livable experience. It is the journey to self-discovery which must be undertaken deliberately and without negligence. On this road, your potential is revealed by testing and opportunity. Never pass up or throw away opportunity. Never say anything is too hard or that you are tired of a thing. There will be time for that later in life. Investigate your gifts abilities interests and talents. You never know which of those things that God has provided will make you the man or woman of destiny. On the road you will experience your destiny and then relive it for the rest of your life. Unfortunately there are millions of people around the world who never realize that dreams, ambitions and aspirations are important enough to work for. It happens in every generation that the selection of leaders and laggards is made on the road to destiny. Amazingly, on the road to destiny success is a choice. After the road ends success becomes a matter of circumstance. The road to destiny is the best place to determine your future. Walk with me says wisdom.

Alexander the great was a general of the Roman army, a world power, at 21. I doubt Samson, David or Joseph were any older. Indeed the stories of Daniel and Esther are not of old seasoned professionals. Rather they are stories of young people who were trained and took counsel. Those who accepted training and wise counsel excelled. Those who became wise in their own eyes had a great fall. On the road to destiny, be wise. I urge you to accept training and wise counsel and you will excel and enjoy the road to success.  Beware the road to destiny is littered with many lost souls. The fear of God will keep you awake when others are asleep and keep you from all the things you need to avoid.  Self-respect will define you and keep you safe until you meet destiny. Time passes fast on the road to destiny. In the blinking of an eye, it is here!

Allan Bukusi

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