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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Family Strategy - Green Pastures

We conducted the Family Strategy seminar for an attentive group of couples in Nairobi, in March 2014, eager to establish how to work through the maze of managing family growth and coming to terms of the dynamics of the business of family management. The church, at which we ran the seminar, has a very current and forward-looking philosophy of leadership development so we fitted right into their program designed to empower members for a successful living. We look forward to the positive difference in the families of the participants over the next few years.
Some of the key issues (seminar feedback) married  couples face include; “how can we best work together as a couple, how can a married couple work together as business owners, how do you manage family finances and  how do you get out of debt, how can the family multiply income, how can the family invest income and create wealth”.

Time did not allow us to answer every question in depth, but we did lay out a process template that will help the couples develop individual solutions to these queries.  We realized yet again the critical nature of understanding the purpose and principles of marriage and family before executing a successful family Strategy.

 Allan Bukusi

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