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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Calvary Chapel Kampala

My wife and I recently visited Calvary Chapel Kampala. “CCK” is set on the side of a hill. Unlike Calvary in Israel, CCK is in the heart of the city on the top of a business plaza. Movement through Kampala at peak time is one big traffic jam. Even during off peak hours traffic remains a hive of activity. After working hard to get to your destination, you need a place of relief. That is how I like to think of our Chapel visit. We came to a place of relief in the center of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  We found it high up on the fourth floor hall overlooking the thriving commercial activity all around us, we experienced the relief that can only come, in the literal sense, from above.

We came to Kampala to share the story of Family Strategy. A concept we put together in a book to spur families to realize their full potential on earth. No, we did not have a full house; we experienced the power of transformation among the people who came. Life is like that. Transformation, like a revolution. It starts with a few people excited about a simple message of hope.
Speaking to a people in a different country and culture got us thinking deeply of what we had travelled 1000 miles from home to do. What did we expect to see or find in this land? We thought of the much shorter journey that Jesus took to get to Calvary and what he had come to do. We came to deliver a message and went home with our hearts filled with hope for generations to come. Next time you visit Kampala and want some relief or are looking for some hope visit Calvary Chapel.

Allan Bukusi
Here is what some of the people said...

“My husband and I have been blessed tremendously. Previously we had no knowledge of the things shared”.

“Awesome is the experience you have placed in my mind and believe me you will place in other people’s minds too. Thank you for dedicating your time for this.”

“So grateful for what they have shared with us and pray for them to take this information to universities because there are students who do not even know what to do in their families”


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