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Friday, May 9, 2014


New beginnings come after an end, a close or death of something important, significant or conventional. The beginning of anything is a challenge because it is not known, understood or a habit. The fact that new beginnings require a huge amount of work, energy and focus is enough to tire anybody before the beginning begins. New beginnings redefine you, refine you, and make you anew. New beginnings require that you let go what defined you in the past and draw up new posts to define you in future. In other words – you must be born anew.

The world and everything around us changes regardless of whether we think it should or not. Because we change, whether we like it or not, new beginnings are certain and normal. Whether we should be prepared for new beginnings is a very good question. But even if new beginnings take us by surprise, we must be willing to follow through. Failure is failure because it will not begin anew.

Born again is not religion. There are many seasons of new beginnings in life. Some joyful others tragic. Finishing school, moving to a new town, starting a new job, going to college, getting married, parting ways, earning a promotion or losing a job. We live and die every day. In all of these, the old dies and the new begins. No one said it would be easy. However, transitions do not define you – only you do. When you face a new beginning, remember that the challenge is not letting go of the past or facing the monster of the new. The challenge, in due course, is that you must be born anew.

Allan Bukusi

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