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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Battle for Africa's Soul

A friend of mine wrote a letter to her people called “Kenya Arise”. To whom was she speaking? Was it to you or to me? When will Africa arise? Is this a people’s initiative or is this a pipe dream. When will the Spirit of Africa be stirred up into a storm to rain showers of blessing on our hungry land.
All I hear and read is that Africa needs help. No my brothers, I sense a new Spirit. If all we live for is help, then it must be better to die in shame. I am tired of reading about aid to Africa as if Africa is another universe with a low-grade sun. I am tired of reading about poverty as if it is a locally manufactured product. I am tired of reading about potential that does not turn a profit. No my sisters, we must throw off this yoke, this ornament of pity. Brothers and sisters, to what have you sold our soul?

I can no longer stand the contempt of those who call me “African” meaning, “I need help to be what God made me to be”. I refuse to believe that I am inadequate and that nothing good can come out of me. I refuse to believe that religion, politics or gold will save me. I do not believe that I have nothing to give to better this world. I think, I do and can be; therefore, I am. That is all I need to change my world. I do not agree that the west, east, north or south has the key to what God has in me.
Who will stand with me? Who is with me? Let him stand. Who is with me? My sister, stand in all your God given beauty. Who is with me? If we have to beg you to join us, we do not need your help. Who is with me in this battle for Africa’s soul? Who is with me!

Allan Bukusi


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