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Friday, June 27, 2014


There was once a man, who during a great famine, took flight at night. As luck would have it he fell into a cave and try as he might he could not find his way out. He soon tired and retired on the cold bare rock, but woke with a fright when he thought it should be light. He once again he resumed his search for the light, but soon his eyes became accustomed to the night.

The next day, or the next night, he tried with all his might to find the light. But try as he might, and lost for so long in night, all he found was more night.  But the next night was not as the night before and before long he forgot about the light and settled on the night and the fish in the stream. No longer hungry but full he settled down for the rest of the night.

One day he saw the light, but having been so long in the night, he ran from it because it hurt his eyes. Convinced that it was what he once knew, he had to gather much courage to face the light. Indeed, he had to make a choice between the pain of the light and the comfort of the night.

At one point or other in life, we all find ourselves in situations like this - not of our making. But when it finally comes to an end, we must make the choice to move on or stay behind. We must step into the light or remain cave men forever.

Allan Bukusi

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