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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Do grandparents hold the keys to poverty?

Rather, do grandparents hold the keys to wealth? Interesting question. It may give us a clue to the perpetuation of poverty in Africa and around the world. No generation carries wealth off the earth. Nobody takes wealth to the grave. Every generation either builds up wealth, enjoys or destroys it. Nevertheless, every generation leaves it all behind. If grandparents do not leave wealth to their children and children’s children, they condemn the next generation to another start up cycle. Moreover, if the next generation does not know how to build wealth, that start-up-cycle is the start-up-cycle of poverty. If subsequent generations do not know how to manage and pass on wealth, they condemn generations to perpetual poverty. Unfortunately, many grandparents have no understanding of their contribution to the state of poverty and do not know that it is in their power to change the tide of poverty by establishing the wealth of the family for generations to come. Building wealth making prudent use of resources and deliberately passing it on to the next generation may be the key to establishing a nation.  Grandparents need to use it, don’t abuse it, build it up, teach the next generation and pass it on.

Allan Bukusi


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