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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Finishing Strong - Farrar

I have just read a book on “Finishing Strong” by .Steve Farrar. The title is a very attractive read especially if you are above fifty years of age. However, in terms of its leadership message I find that finishing anything takes a whole lot of courage, determination and vision. I like the part where the leader must see what others don’t see if one is ever going to finish at all. Apart from the finishing line, the visionary must be able to see the completed Job and not just the red tape.

I would like to say that visionaries are exceptionally gifted people, except that I know each of us has the ability to envision the things we want. Like character, vision can be developed with patience and exertion. Talent may be a great player in the vision game, but character gets to the finishing line against all odds. At the check-out counter of life, if you can answer “yes” to doing all you could have done despite not doing all you should have done, I’d say you finished strong!
Allan Bukusi

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