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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let men be

There is increasing interest in the man child or “man-cub” as the Jungle Book would put it. This belated interest seems well intentioned except that it is surrounded by the realization that things are going wrong and that the man cub has the key. It is triggered by an obvious imbalance rather than social advance.
I pity the man cub for several reasons. First, his star is set to rise in the most dubious of circumstances which if he succeeds in conquering; he will also be blamed for causing. Second the demand that the man cub arise means that the he must meet the conditions others have set for his identity. This may be pleasing and pacify some, but may never realize all he was meant to be. Third, if the man cub does rise and take his moral position, this may be more than those who call for his resurrection can handle.
In my estimation, let the man cub be. The focus on the man cub or the girl child will obviously create social imbalance that causes further imbalance. But therein is the key – balance. Establish the balance and all of us will be free to be.

Allan Bukusi

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