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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Yesterday I attended the Leadership Summit hosted by Anthony Gitonga. He was launching a new book – Mindshift. The audience applauded his initiative and I silently wondered why Anthony had bothered to put pen to paper. The truth is the book assumes we all have a mind (that should be obvious). Why does the mind need to shift?  And who needs to know this? That is an interesting debate in itself. Perhaps our minds are in the wrong place or tend to wander and need to be shifted frequently.

But perhaps what is more important is to appreciate the purpose of shifting one’s mind. The immediate thought that comes to mind is what happens when an archer is taking aim to try and hit a target. If the target is stationary, the archer quickly settles the bow and arrow in a killer position. However, if it is a moving target, the archer has to shift position in order to locate the target. Life is like that. Depending on what you want to achieve, you need to shift your focus. That can upset your mindset. Two people have to read this book. The public and the politician, but first you need a mind.

Allan Bukusi   

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