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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Prosperity = H2W

What is prosperity? Some say wealth, riches or affluence. However all these words do not quite capture it in the whole. These words imply a level of achievement or attainment that is above some sort of threshold value like “one dollar” or “1000 dollars”. Presumably, the one who has more is more money prosperous than the other. Some say happiness, but even that is a relative state. You can be happy with a little and unhappy with much. But prosperity also implies “more than enough”. More than enough to enjoy, to be able to share or perhaps, unfortunately, to waste.
A few years ago, I wrote a book called How to prosper in employment. The central argument in this book is that every employee can achieve prosperity. If prosperity is to be measured it must apply in equal measure to all human beings. This means it must be attainable by all rather than just a few with special qualities. Health is a quantity that is a state of being while wealth is acquired. However, both contribute to prosperity. Wealth without health is suffering while health without wealth can be a drudgery.  “Healthy wealth”, combines the personal and property values of prosperity and puts the concept of prosperity well within the reach of every human being. The question then is, “Do you have enough health and wealth to be happy?”
If health, wealth and happiness line up in good order for you then you are most blessed among men. However, this also means that you do not need to be the wealthiest to be the happiest, neither does being the poorest make you least prosperous. It also means that having wealth does not necessarily make you prosperous. Prosperity can be attained despite and in spite of your level of economic empowerment. It also means prosperity is a state you can create for yourself.  Prosperity = Health x Happiness x Wealth or P=H2W

Allan Bukusi



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