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Sunday, June 29, 2014


At the World Cup as in life, there are two types of teams. Those that focus on the goal and those that focus on themselves. Teams that focus on goals tend to win. Teams that focus on themselves tend to fight. Though either team may win or lose, where teams are of equal might, those who fight often end in defeat.  However, those who focus on goals, though they may have less might can put up a spirited fight.
There must be some psychology to this because people fear the underdog  and somehow know that pride can easily ruin a team. The key to success is not really in the teams then. The key is in the focus. If everyone focuses on the goal, then all efforts move the ball to the goal. However, if teams play for themselves, it is impossible to get the ball to move towards any goal. However, players that use their strengths to get the ball to goal create a formidable team. The trick is not to let personal views diffuse the teams’ goal.
There are two other teams that make it to the world cup. Little league players with great ball skills and amateurs players who listen to people in the stands. Little league players thrill the audience and keep them talking for a long, long while. Amateur players just came for the show.    
Allan Bukusi

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