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Friday, June 20, 2014

World Cup 2014: The Glory & The Brave

Watching the Uruguay vs England (2:1) match yesterday was something of a classic. During the game the commentator was at pains to call up a 40 year history of encounters between the two sides. None of the players on the pitch were even alive back then. Then there was the classic number 40 for Suarez and 40 for Rooney. Rooney scored his first world cup goal while Suarez added a forty and forty first for his country. Each came off with a record, a personal achievement but the glory does not always honor the brave.

Discussing the predictions, projections and possibilities with my fellow watchers got me wondering if history really has a part to play in the future. There are some who would argue that it does. Others claim that definite patterns emerge as you examine a series of outcomes. Of course insurance and betting firms make a lot of money off these thoughts, so to them, it really does not matter what you think. But I wonder how you and I would plan our future if we could tell the outcome?
Do we peg our future success to past results, injury or luck or do we peg it to our future hopes and dreams. Do we look at the numbers or do we just go out there and do battle with the odds. Do we use belief systems like “David and Goliath” to fight our battles or do we hold on to traditions and fire power? The World Cup is played out in front of millions of people so it is easy for all of us to judge what the players should do. However, whatever method you use to broker your success be sure to remember that the glory does not always honor the brave, but each of us can take home a private victory whenever we face a test.
Allan Bukusi

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