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Thursday, July 17, 2014


I never thought it was practical that anyone should determine to fail. But life has proved me wrong enough times to appreciate that some people just will not win, put in effort or work hard. Not only is that true, but some people actually labor to subvert victory, divert success and refuse to learn from failure. I have no clue as to the motive of this suicidal mission apart from the fact that they perhaps do not like themselves or do not like someone else and so set out on a mission to spite that person. You will find these people everywhere among the poor, the rich, the educated and the illiterate. Among them is a cynical spirit that craves attention but is unwilling to take direction. It afflicts drug addicts as much as it does CEOs. It lives among young people and perhaps more so among mature people too. The situation is hopeless because only one person can stop it - and they know it!

Allan Bukusi

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