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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Steve Jobs

I have just finished reading a very readable biography of Steve Jobs (Blumenthal). I never met him, but I have met his machines. My art directors will work with nothing else. It is amazing how one life can touch so many and never know their names.

The man was very spiritual. He fasted and walked a lot, Zen and ate vegetables – carrots. I don't know whether that contributed to his intellect, but it certainly made him stand out – odd. His dress covered his body, but that was just about all. Shorts, bare foot and slippers did not interfere with his passions for perfection. Limited education, but unlimited enterprise. It is hard to describe the feisty character that bore out of those blue eyes. But I have seen that fire in at least one other of may adopted heroes.

What do make of him. That is your score. What do you learn from him? He did not like God very much and may have refused to believe in him, but he did talk about him. I love what he says about focus; saying NO to everything else. In addition, I like what he says about simplicity – it is the ultimate sophistication. I wonder who got more out of life Steve or Woz? I don't want to be like Steve Jobs, but I do want to make difference!

Allan Bukusi

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