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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Strive to be King!

Leadership is ordained of God. Without leadership, man sells his soul and gives up the right and role to rule. A man should strive at all times to exercise leadership for his own betterment and the welfare of those around him as a duty, a task and a responsibility. To give up this role is to give up your soul and lose your identity.
The mantle of leadership s heavy and the calling strong. Many cannot bear the weight because of weakness of character and faintness of soul. Nevertheless, there are those who will take advantage of the death of the spirit to burden the weak and oppress the poor. It behooves us all to recover the post and determine the lot of the few or many even though it may only be at a great personal cost.

Though some would give up leadership or pursue it for fleeting pleasures, leadership is inextricably entwined in a man’s life. Just as man’s work is cast in lot, so is leadership the only hope he has got. To be a leader is noble, to lead is divine. Without leadership, men lose dignity, bearing and all. As one leader to another, we can rule the world, but as follower-to-follower, many go astray and many more are lost. Leadership is to what followers feel entitled, but will only realize if one, steps forward from the crowd. Leadership is a spirit, an attitude a cause and a result.
As leaders, we are kings but as followers, we can be slaves of slaves. Leadership is good; with it, we fight evil, without it, we become evil. Leadership is an investment of soul and the kingship of all. Leadership brings order to a situation, the way a King orders his kingdom. Leadership is what is in you that all men can see, admire, respect and honor. Leadership is the philosophy of Kings – Strive to be King!


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