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Saturday, September 13, 2014

To achieve Vision 2030, we must align manpower training and industry needs

On the 8th of September, the Daily Nation carried an article by Dr. Omar Mohammed on its opinion page (13), that perhaps for the first time signified the realization at higher levels of government that there is need for specific training interventions in the Kenyan economy to realize Vision 2030. The article clearly outlined the glaring skill gaps and suggested that the achievement of Vision 2030 is impossible unless these gaps are closed. Dr. Omar Mohammed, who is director of the economic pillar, Vision 2030 Delivery secretariat, may have been outlining his job description, but he did make it clear that he is calling on other institutions to refocus their business processes and activity designs to help close the yawning gaps in the economy to help realize the Vision 2030 dream. He decried the lack of a, “well thought-out framework that should connect the curriculum of the learning institutions and the practicalities of the workplace”.  Exactly two days later on 10th September 2014, PAC University and MANAGEMENT DECISION INFORMATION, a management training & consultancy firm, signed an agreement to open the Corporate Business Leadership Centre, CBLC whose mission is to research, develop, design, and deliver training and consultancy programs to transform industry. As if reading from the exact same script this new body will address to itself to the specific challenges outlined by Dr. Omar Mohammed to realize vision 2030. We wish CBLC every success in this initiative.


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